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AURICAL is a complete, modular fitting solution that has everything you need to achieve fitting excellence. Realize greater efficiency and flexibility in your fitting processes with:

  • A dedicated fitting audiometer with built-in HI-PRO 2
  • Effective counseling tools
  • The only wireless and binaural Probe Mic. Measurement (PMM) unit with real ear measurements
  • A HI test chamber with the unique OnePosition method
  • Integrated OTOCAM 300 video otoscope
  • Intuitive OTOsuite software that integrates it all and supports the entire fitting process
  • FitAssist tools that enhance the fitting process by making it faster, more efficient and more professional
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  • AC, BC and SF audiometry (built-in power amplifier)
  • Tone audiometry testing up to 12.5 kHz, including FRESH noise™
  • Loudness Scaling (optional)
  • Integrated speech material
  • SAL, TEN, QuickSIN tests (some optional)
  • Masking assistant
  • Sound adjustment with RoomTune™
  • OTOsuite with User Tests
  • Intuitive on-screen control panel
  • One-click data logging
  • Selection of report templates
  • Built-in USB powered HUB
  • Built-in counseling hardware
  • Optional HI-PRO 2 w/ High Speed Mode
  • Various mounting options
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