BIO-DETEK Inc. designs and manufactures a wide line of ECG electrodes, pacing pads, defibrillation pads, and multifunction electrodes. Our FDA registered factory and offices are located in Pawtucket , RI .

Products are marketed under the TraceRite and Trace-It brand names to medical distributors domestically and internationally. We also manufacture to a wide variety of OEM accounts on a private label basis.

With a highly automated factory we are able to offer our customers high quality electrodes and specialty sensors at a price which is competitive in today's medical marketplace.

The employees of BIO-DETEK understand the need for efficient service in our competitive environment. Special requests such as drop shipments or next day air shipments are handled in a prompt and routine manner. Our engineering staff works with customers to understand any unique requirements in order to develop products that reach our customers needs.

As always, the people within the company make the difference and we are justifiably proud of our Bio-Detek employees.


  • ECG Electrodes
  • Defibrillation Electrodes

Resting Tab EKG ECG Electrodes

Specially designed for use during resting EKG and echo sound procedures.
  • Solid adhesive hydro gel for superior skin contact
  • Large tab area aides in ease of placement
  • Low preparation and easy clean up
  • Silver/silver chloride sensing system provides stable, reliable ECG signals
  • Exceeds AAMI specifications
  • All EKG ECG electrodes are latex free

Adult Multipurpose electrodes are designed for use on all adult cardiac monitoring and diagnostic procedures.

  • TraceRite® electrodes are available in a variety of materials, gels and packaging configurations.
  • 2" diameter provides large adhesive area
  • Silver/silver chloride sensing system
  • Exceeds AAMI specifications
  • Latex Free

Stress and Holter Silver ECG Medical Electrodes

Designed for use during stress testing, holter testing and other diagnostic applications.

  • TraceRite® medical ECG electrodes are available in a variety of materials, gels, and packaging configurations
  • Silver/silver chloride sensing system
  • Exceeds AAMI specifications
  • All Stress and Holter ECG Medical Electrodes are latex free


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