BioCon 500 Bladder Scanner

BioCon 500 Bladder Scanner

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The BioCon 500 Bladder scanner is probably the most popular unit on the market. Call for special pricing 800-507-8244

BioCon™ -500 Scanner
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BioCon-500 Bladder Scanner

  • As part of a urinary continence program, the portable, 3-D BioCon-500 Bladder Scanner with pre-scan feature:
  • Allows caregivers to scan the resident's bladder to determine if catheterization or toileting is necessary - residents are shown the results so they can actually see how much fluid is in their bladde; this helps residents re-learn the sensation of needing to urinate.
  • Develop individualized toileting schedules based on each resident's bladder function pattern rather than at fixed times, such as every two hours; this will save staff valuable time.
  • More accurately determine if a resident's bladder volume and voided amounts are consistently low, prompting an increase in the resident's fluid intake.
  • Promotes staff efficiency and requrires little training.
  • Meets Tag F315 requirements, helps manage effective incontinence and helps to minimize unnecessary catheterization.
  • Is a quick, safe and non-invasive way to measure bladder volume and post-void urinary retention.
  • Helps benefit the residents by preserving dignity and reducing discomfort.
  • How it works: The portable unit is wheeled to the resident's bedside and the clinician applies clear gel to the resident#s lower abdomen. The device's wand is then positioned over the bladder area. An image of the bladder appears on the screen, and the device calculates the bladder volume in less than five minutes.
  • On-site printing with PC transfer helps the caregiver to quickly and easily document and track the resident's progress.
  • It benefits the facility by helping to improve resident care, reducing the frequency of catheterization, saving staff time, decreasing total expense, andreducing training time.
Latex Free Yes
Printer Yes
Warranty 1 Year

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