Brand New Burdick CardioVive AED

Brand New Burdick CardioVive AED

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CardioVive AT AED
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CardioVive AT AED

Advanced AED technology saves lives, making it the standard of care Every year approximately 450,000 people in the United States die from Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD). Delivery of a defibrillation shock quickly during an episode is critical to survival. For each minute that passes, the chance of survival decreases by approximately 16 percent. The American Medical Association and JCAHO recommend that AEDs be used as a standard of care to prevent SCD. Any AED can provide a shock during a cardiac arrest, but the Burdick CardioVive™ AT AED provides continuous monitoring capabilities during and after resuscitation.
  • Automatic daily self-test ensures safe, reliable operation
  • Pre-connected, non-polarized, disposable pads eliminate confusion by saving critical time
  • One-button operation makes it easy to use
  • Patented biphasic waveform delivers appropriate defibrillation level
  • Differentiates between shockable and non-shockable events


The Burdick CardioVive AT performs automatic self-tests to ensure it is RescueReady®

  • Proprietary RescueReady technology automatically tests the battery, system
  • pre-connected electrodes daily
  • Monthly, the CardioVive AT AED performs an automatic full-charge test of high voltage
  • circuitry
  • The RescueReady status light changes from green to red if tests fail
  • Pre-connected electrodes are stored inside the CardioVive AT AED, eliminating
  • confusion and errors
  • Electrodes are non-polarized enabling them to be used in either position on a victims
  • chest
  • Pediatric capable
  • Battery operation covered by a two-year full replacement guarantee

Easy Operation Saves Precious Seconds

The most important determinant in the survival of SCD victims is the length of time between onset of the event and delivery of the defibrillating shock. With every minute that passes, the chances of survival decrease 10 percent. Every second to help is precious.

  • The one-button operation eliminates confusion and chance of error
  • Loud audio recording gives simple, clear instructions and is available in 15 languages
  • Provides instruction for combining defibrillation with CPR
  • Pre-connected, non-polarized electrodes can save operator time
  • Green indicator tells the user that the CardioVive AT is RescueReady

Administers the Appropriate Energy Level with Each Shock

Optimizing energy delivery is the key to successful defibrillation. The CardioVive AT AED provides customized energy with each shock it delivers.

  • STAR™ Biphasic technology quickly assesses the victim, adjusts defibrillation
  • parameters and delivers the most effective energy level
  • When additional shocks are needed, the AED escalates the current generated to
  • provide optimal energy delivery
  • Software can be customized by a medical professional to follow defibrillation protocols
  • for SVT, VT and VF

Protected by Burdick's Warranty and Service

Burdick protects your CardioVive AT AED with a five-year warranty. During this period, Burdick provides a toll-free phone number for technical support. If the CardioVive AT AED needs to be returned to the factory for any reason during the warranty period, our free loaner program provides a CardioVive AT AED at no additional cost.

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