Brentwood IQmark Advanced Holter System
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Brentwood IQmark Advanced Holter System

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The Most Advanced And Innovative Windows Based System On The Market. (Software and Recorder Sold Separately)

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You can rely on Brentwood to develop the most technically advanced, innovative and user-friendly diagnostic systems, and the new IQmarkâ„¢ Advanced Holter is designed to raise your diagnostic productivity to new levels of efficiency.

Designed as an interactive data-gathering extension of the IQmark™ Diagnostic Workstation, the IQmark Advanced Holter runs on your Windows®-based PC to deliver unmatched speed, accuracy and ease of use in comparative diagnosis. Now you can download and seamlessly integrate test results into your workstation with the simple click of a mouse. In addition, full-keyboard functionality eliminates the need to struggle with cumbersome keystrokes and commands.

The IQmark Advanced Holter works with the IQmarkâ„¢ Digital RecorderCF, which uses a removable Compact Flash Card for reliability and convenience. The IQmark Advanced Holter takes just over a minute to download and analyze the ECG data.

The IQmark Advanced Holter's simple, intuitive functionality lets you generate accurate Holter reports quickly and easily.

  • Simultaneous 3-Channel Analysis You can select one, two or all three channels of ECG for simultaneous analysis. Selected channels are correlated during the analysis to enhance accuracy.
  • Patient Archive Patient data, Holter results and full disclosure reports can be stored in the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation. There is no waiting for the rescanning of previously analyzed data, which allows you immediate access.
  • Preview 3-Channel Full Disclosure and Patient Events View entire three channels of recorded ECG and patient-activated events before the analysis. You can then customize the analysis criteria for the specific patient. Print one, two or three channels of continuous - or selected hours - of original ECGs with your analyzed report.
  • Template Editing VE, SVE, Asystole/Pause, Borderline, Artifact and Normal are grouped into Templates for easy viewing and editing. You can reclassify any beat in the Templates. For quick edit, you can select multiple beats by row, by column, by range, by page or select the entire template and reclassify them all at once.
  • Insert or Delete QRS Beat With this advanced feature, you can capture and declare a QRS beat that is missed (false-negative) using the software, or delete any mis-identified (false-positive) beat(s) in the full disclosure. The R-R and heart-rate results will be automatically updated to reflect the changes.
  • Simultaneous 3-Channel ST/Arrhythmia Analysis For increased accuracy, the analysis capabilities include one-pass and simultaneous three-channel analysis. You can enable the system to acquire ST measurements for all three channels automatically. The system reports HR/ST correlation, ST numerical summaries and indicates when the one-minute ST thresholds have been exceeded during the scan.
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