Brentwood Midmark IQmark Digital Spirometer
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Brentwood Midmark IQmark Digital Spirometer

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Weighing in at only 10 oz.; the Midmark IQmark Digital Spirometer is the latest addition to Brentwood's digital diagnostic family. (Computer Not Included)

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Midmark IQMark Spirometer

Weighing in at only 10 oz., the IQmark Digital Spirometer is the latest addition to Midmark's digital diagnostic family. The IQmark Digital Spirometer has met or exceeded the strict requirements of the American Thoracic Society and is quick and easy to use. It gives you all the measurements that you require from a diagnostic spirometer. This includes FEV6 that is recommended by the NLHEP.

The IQmark Digital Spirometer offers you the ability to perform FVC, VC and MVV tests as well as providing full-page reports. Performing Pre- and Post-Bronchodilator tests is straightforward for both you and your patients. The spirometer utilizes a Disposable Pneumotach Mouthpiece that minimizes the chance of patient cross-conta-mination, ensuring safe and convenient testing. It also comes with a 1 year warranty.

Using the spirometer's data with smoking-cessation programs increases the success rate of the participants. By entering the patient's smoking history into the IQmark Digital Spirometer, it will automatically report the patient's Lung Age and COPD Risk. You can use this information to show your patients the current physical condition of their lungs.

Data-Management Philosophy

We know that many medical offices have already integrated data-management software packages created by other companies.To address this, we have integrated data-export solutions with a large number of these Electronic Medical Records (EMR) companies.Contact us to find out if your system is currently integrated or to discuss your future data-management solutions.


Demo unit with a 1 yr warranty. Excellent condition!

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