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Discount Cardiology is one of the largest distributors of Spirometers, computer and PC based Spirometers, Portable Spirometers, Welch Allyn Spirometers, Micro Spirometers, diagnostic spirometers and spirometers for spot checking. A spirometer is an apparatus for measuring the volume of air inspired and expired by the lungs. It is a precision differential pressure transducer for the measurements of respiration flow rates. The spirometer records the amount of air and the rate of air that is breathed in and out over a specified period. Spirometry is also known as a pulmonary function test pr PFT.

Spirometry is one of today's most accepted and beneficial diagnostic medical tests. In fact, the utilization of spirometry in the clinical setting is so important, it is recommended in the current practice guidelines for both asthma and COPD

Discount Cardiology carries a large selection of Spirometers from different brands like Brentwood / Midmark, CardioTech, Micro Medical, Midmark, MIR, NDD Medical Technologies, Nellcor, QRS, Schiller, SDI, Viasys. Discount Cardiology is one of the few remaining companies with a stock of Renaissance II Spirometers! We also have a full inventory of spirometry tubes and mouthpieces.

Please feel free to call Discount Cardiology with question or to simply discuss your spirometry needs.

Healthcare is changing. Are you prepared to change with it?
In today’s fast-paced world of healthcare IT, changes occur almost daily. Digital diagnostics, EHRs and EMRs are increasingly becoming a reality, but many physicians find themselves struggling to adopt them due to financial resources, comfort with technology or concerns about patient care. At Midmark, we realize these are difficult decisions. To help, we’ve created the IQ Digital Diagnostics System – a combination of digital diagnostic devices and software solutions that make it fast and easy to capture, interpret and retrieve patient information. Whether you’re a single practitioner wanting to improve workflow efficiency or a large physician group needing to integrate with your EHR or EMR, Midmark’s IQ Digital Diagnostics System is here to help with features that are designed to expand as the needs of your practice change.

Discount Cardiology is one of the largest distributors of Cardiology equipment including: EKG Machines, ECG Machines, Portable EKG Machines, Interpretive EKG – ECG Machines, Used EKG Machines and Refurbished EKG Machines in the United States. Our vast inventory of portable EKG & ECG Machines from all the major brands like Bionet, Brentwood / Midmark, Burdick, Cardiac Science, Cardioline, CardioTech, Commwell medical, Contec, Daily Care, Dr. Lee, Edan Instruments, cardiologyforless, EKG, Fukuda Denshi, Futuremed, G. E. Healthcare, Midmark, Mortara, Nasiff Associates, Nihon Kohden, Norav, Philips, QRS, Quinton, Schiller & Welch Allyn / Tycos.

You can search by brand or shop by functionality. Options to consider: do you need an ekg preview screen? Need a keyboard (for typing the patient name and data? Interested in EMR / EHR Compatibility (PC and network connectivity)? Do you need Interpritation? Do you need a single channel machine or one that prints on a full page? Do your EKG machine need to be transported from room to room? Or do you need an ultra-portable that may need to be transported from the office to a patients house? Be sure to ask about our ekg paper and ekg electrode prices.

Discount Cardiology has the EKG machine for you. Feel free to call us with questions or to ask for our recommendation! We are here to help you with your ECG / EKG machine purchase or rental. Contact us for information on EKG RENTALS. Also checkout our Refurbished Models of EKG / ECG Machines. WE WILL BEAT ANY PRICE IN THE COUNTRY

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