Burdick Vision Premier Holter System

Burdick Vision Premier Holter System

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Burdick provides some of the best Holter equipment in the world. Specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the Acute Care environment. Please give us a call to discuss your holter needs(Software and Recorder Sold Separately)

Vision Premier Holter Analysis Systems

Vision 5L Digital Holter Recorder
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Spacelabs Burdick Vision Premier

Our Vision Premier Holter System has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the Acute Care environment. Developed to meet all the Windows 98 standards, Vision Premier provides users with the most intuitive graphical user interface available. It also insures compatibility, now and in the future, with commercially available hardware/software to minimize obsolescence. This system features:

  • Powerful 32-bit Windows software program
  • Multitasking - print reports while you are editing the next patient's test
  • Compatible with cassette tape and digital recorders
  • 24 to 48 hour support
  • Composite review screens - view each abnormality in greater detail
  • Unique Tachogram Review provides a quick method for identification and assessment of atrial fib/flutter episodes
  • On-screen calipers
  • Programmable analysis criteria
  • Customizable report formats
  • Report backup for offline storage to any backup device

Vision Premier is the perfect solution to meet today's requirements to network computers or transfer information to other medical providers. No other Holter system offers the range of data communication options available with Vision.


Using Microsoft Exchange or any other commercially available fax program, send reports (single pages or the entire report) directly from Vision Premier to the desired destination, selected from the online address book. This eliminates the time consuming and cumbersome process of printing the report and then feeding it through the fax machine.

Network Compatibility

Works as a single-user application with most network software including common programs like Novell, Ethernet and Windows NT. Our inexpensive site license makes it easy to set up multiple workstations for data collection and editing.

Data Export

Convert test reports to a ".pdf" file using Adobe Acrobat, i.e. an electronic image or Polaroid of the final report, to send to any computer via Email, network or Internet. This non-proprietary data format allows the recipient to review and print the information at their location without any compromise in resolution of the information.

Satellite Operation

Remotely review and edit test data collected at satellite locations. Using a commercially available software program called pcAnywhere, users can access a Vision Premier remotely (from that beach in Aruba!) via modem and scan Holters as if they were sitting in front of the Vision Premier computer. Or give the physician access to records from other offices or his home. The perfect solution for multiple clinics with skilled technicians at only one location. Technicians can even scan from their home computer (talk about a flex-time solution).

Optional Pacemaker Analysis, Heart Rate Variability, and Signal Averaging Software.

Call For Details! 1-800-507-8244

Vision 5L Digital Holter Recorder

High-quality ECG Digital Recording

  • Visual signal verification
  • Real-time ECG display eliminates test jacks, repeat tests
  • Easy-to-use five-button keypad
  • Fast data transfer frees the recorder for immediate reassignment to a new patient
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