Discount Cardiology is one of the leading wholesalers of capnographs and capnograph supplies. We carry capnographs from all the major brands, such as  Nellcor, BCI, Smiths Medical, Nonin, Edan, Covidian, Venni, Mindray, Welch Allyn, and more. A capnograph is defined by Wikipedia as " an instrument used to measure the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in an air sample. It does this by measuring the absorption of infrared light, which is absorbed particularly well by carbon dioxide. Capnographs (or capnometer) are frequently used in medicine for capnography, measuring the carbon dioxide content in inspired and expired air. It is a non-invasive device that measures the concentrations of respired gases using an infrared beam of light. The amount of light absorbed depends on the number of carbon dioxide molecules present in the exhaled and inhaled air. A capnograph is useful in detecting changes in carbon dioxide concentrations in patients who are hemodynamically stable, but not critically ill." Discount Cardiology recommends Nellcor for capnographs. Covidian / Nellcor is the industry leader in capnography and pulse oximetry.  Contact Discount Cardiology now to discuss you capnography needs. 800-507-8244more>>

Discount Cardiology can fill all of your Medical Equipments needs – specializing in EKG Machines, Ultrasound Machines, Vital signs monitors, Patient monitors, Holter equipment, Capnographs, Cardiac Telemetry equipment, and Spirometry equipment. We have a vast inventory of medical supplies, which include: ECG tab electrodes, EKG snap electrodes, ECG chart paper, spirometry mouthpieces and supplies, EKG Clips, Holter Monitoring software and recorders, Pulse Oximeters, Cardiology Stress Systems, Otoscopes, audiometers, PC Based EKG & ECG Machines, and more. Please visit our Cardiology supply shop for EKG - ECG Paper, ECG - EKG Electrodes, and ECG – EKG Patient cables from all the major brands like Burdick, Bionet, Cardiac Science, G.E. Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Schiller, Midmark, NDD, Nasiff Associates, Welch Allyn and more.
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