Cardiac Science nGenuity Vital Signs Monitor
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Cardiac Science nGenuity Vital Signs Monitor

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An easy-to-learn system with an intuitive user interface and a large, bright color LCD display, the nGenuity vital signs monitor provides a flexible and dependable solution for continuous monitoring applications, including IV sedation or post-procedure recovery monitoring.

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  • Intuitive operations with clearly marked buttons, a simplified menu structure, and large color display.
  • Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Mini-trends display allows viewing of condensed tabular vital signs data while viewing real-time patient data and waveforms.
  • Quickly attaches to roll stands or wall mounts.
  • Appropriate for both adult to pediatric patients in virtually every medical department.
  • Optional gas monitoring with full-occlusion clearing and high-capacity water trap for a more advanced system.


  • Patient comfort – Criticare’s ComfortCuff™ technology measures blood pressure readings on inflation, which limits overinflating potential. ComfortCuff also uses rapid deflation once those readings are stored, which decreases pressurized cuff time.
  • Easy to read – Big, bright display is user configurable, allowing for customization by user, location, or procedure.
  • Ease of use – Clearly marked buttons and simple menu structure simplifies operation and training needs for infrequent users.
  • Connectivity – The nGenuity is compatible with popular Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems for both large facilities and small offices.

Configure a monitor that fits your needs:

  • All units include 3- and 5-lead ECG, heart rate, Criticare’s ComfortCuff noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) testing, temperature, respiration, and nurse call interface connection.
  • CO2 monitoring, arrhythmia and ST analysis, ETCO2 monitoring and an integrated printer are available as options.


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