Cardioline Delta 3/6 Plus ECG / EKG Machine Interpretive (Upgradeable)

Cardioline Delta 3/6 Plus ECG / EKG Machine Interpretive (Upgradeable)

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The Cardioline Delta 3/6 Plus is a digital portable electrocardiograph (ECG), which offers simultaneous and real time acquisition of the 12 ECG leads. It's high-resolution thermal printer (8dots/mm) prints clear, crisp ECG tracings in a 3 or 6 channel format on 100mm (~4") wide thermal paper (z-fold). The operating functions of the Delta 3/6 Plus are software controlled and user programmable which means you can program the ECG unit to operate the way you want - quick and easy. Shown with monitor upgrade.

Simply turn it on, hook-up the patient and press the Start key; it couldn't be any easier! The most popular setup automatically prints the 12 leads in a true six-channel format using only 8" of paper! Your pack of paper will last much longer than with any other printing format. This translates to substantial cost savings over the life of the instrument. An automatic base line centering system and a complete choice of digital filters, (AC filter, drift filter, and 3 levels of muscle tremor filters), are provided to ensure that each tracing will be clean and free of artifacts, affording even more cost savings.. The Heart Rate (HR) is displayed on the LCD and indicates the ECG signal quality - a stable HR means you'll get a good tracing when you press the Start key. The automatic gain control feature, called Auto Range of V Leads, automatically reduces by one-half, the gain in the V Leads when they exceed 50mm in amplitude. This function reduces the occurrence of overlapping in the chest leads and makes it easier to read the ECG. The tracings are fully annotated with the following relevant parameters: Heart Rate-HR, Date & Time, Lead ID, Recording Speed, Sensitivity, Calibration Signal, Filters in use, Mode and can be easily mounted for filing. The Delta 3/6 Plus will print your patient data trough the multi-function alphanumeric keyboard, check out one of our DELTA 3/6 ECG tracings.

The Delta 3/6 Plus weighs only 7 Lbs and features a built-in AC/DC power supply with an internal rechargeable battery capable of more than 100 ECGs per charge, so it's truly portable. An optional carrying case is available.

Several options are available:

Parameter calculations:
The unit automatically detects the median ECG and calculates all relevant measures.

Interpretive option (Free!):
The Interpretation Option performs a diagnostic analysis of the ECG signal, based on the following items:


Lead measurements (see above)

Physical patient data (sex, height, weight, age)


Depending on the printing format you choose, the ECG is printed, fully annotated with average ECG, global measurements and interpretation

Stress Testing option:
Provides automatic control of compatible treadmills and cycloergometers. The software is designed to perform stress test procedures utilizing standard exercise protocols.

DeltaVis monitor option:
DeltaVis is a three Channel ECG LCD Preview Screen to check the ECG for signal quality and/or monitor a patient for long periods without the use of paper.

RecordRealTime option:
This option allows your Cardioline unit to be connected to a personal computer for ECG management, visualization and transmission.

Extended memory:
This option allows storing up to 150 ECGs. You can then transfer them through serial port to any PC, on which RecordRealTime software is installed. The system features SCP, the open international standard for ECG memorization and communication.

All CARDIOLINE Delta-Plus ECGs offer the following common features:

Easy one touch automatic operation.

Advanced linear phase digital filters to eliminate interference without altering ECG morphology. This feature means clear, stable, clean ECGs every time, with considerable savings in paper cost.

High definition digital thermal printer. No stylus, no moving parts for more precise and reliable tracings.

Dual power supply, AC and internal rechargeable battery.

Copy capability - you can reprint the last ECG with different recording parameters (increase the muscle filter or change the amplitude), to get a better look at your tracings.

24 month extended warranty at no charge with registration. See the service page for further detail on warranties and extended warranties.

High quality durable patient cable and accessories. This is the first step to good clean tracings.

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