CARDIOLINE products are once again available for distribution here in the United States. CARDIOLINE US is now the North American representation of CARDIOLINE's full line of EKG machines (resting and stress), 24 Hour ABP, Holters, and more products are on the way.

As you may already know, CARDIOLINE™ is a highly specialized company and leader in the development, production, marketing and world-wide sales of cardiovascular diagnostic equipment. With over 50 years of experience, these machines incorporate the latest technologies to build superior equipment that appeals to hospitals, clinics or the individual family practitioner. These Italian made products have been unavailable in the United States for the past year or so, but we are anxious to re-enter the North American market place and invite you to become one of our dedicated resellers.

We are confident that the CARDIOLINE US products will enhance your existing product portfolio, giving your business a tremendous opportunity to generate additional revenue streams. We are pleased to offer the following CARDIOLINE™ products:

  • ar600 ECG series: 3 channel with optional 2.5 inch backlit graphic display.
  • ar1200 ECG series: Six channel with optional 4.7" LCD & waveform preview; Bluetooth; full keyboard.
  • ar2100 ECG series: Twelve channel, full keyboard. Also available with 5.7" LCD and Bluetooth™.
  • elan ECG series: Twelve channel, full keyboard and large 5.7" LCD with preview. Optional Stress Testing.
  • click PC ecg: 12 lead PC based EKG system. Real-time PC transmission via USB or Bluetooth™.
  • walk 200b: 24 hour ABP recorder. PC connection via Bluetooth™.
  • Digital holters: 3 to 12 channel configurations and available with 5, 7 or 10-wire patient cables. PC connect via USB or Bluetooth™.


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