CareFusion SpiroUSB Spirometer

CareFusion SpiroUSB Spirometer

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Plug and play PC-based spirometry

SpiroUSB™ is a revolutionary new type of Spirometer that plugs directly into the USB port of your PC, without the need for any additional docking station or data uploading. Using a Notebook computer with the SpiroUSB brings complete portability for physicians’ offices or for bedside testing.

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CareFusion SpiroUSB Spirometer


  • SpiroUSB works in just 3 easy steps: Plug in your computer to launchSPCS, click new examination, and blow into the SpiroUSB and view results.
  • SpiroUSB performs open and closed-loop spirometry, pre- and post-bronchodilator testing, incentive spirometry and trending facilities.
  • The databases can be exported for further individual reporting.
  • Simple.
  • Fully compliant to ATS/ERS 2005 standards.
  • Fully configurable windows and settings, allowing up to 41 indices to be selected, including a choice of predicted values and languages.
  • Large patient database allows results to be saved or transferred as if required.
  • Full flow volume and volume time curves for onscreen inspection of maneuvers and internationally recognized, on-screen test quality prompts.


MEASUREMENTS Forced (FVC):VC, EVC, IVC, FEV0.75, FEV1, FEV3, FEV6, FVC, PEF, FEV0.75/ VC, FEV0.75/FVC, FEV1/VC, FEV1%, FEV3/VC,FEV3/FVC, FEV0.75/FEV6, FEV1/FEV6, MEF75, MEF50, MEF25, MMEF, MEF50/VC, MEF50/FVC, MVV, FIV1, FIVC, PIF, FIV1%, MIF25, MIF50, MIF75, R50, MET, FET,TV, ERV, IRV, IC, FRC, RV,TLC, FRC/TLC, RV/TLC, LUNG AGE, Dyspnoea Score. [all expiratory measurements with baseline, post bronchodilator 1 and 2, % predicted, % change and normal range]

Resolution:10ml volume 0.03l/s flow

Accuracy:±3% To ATS recommendations - Standardization of spirometry 1994 update for flows and volumes.

Transducer:CareFusion Bi-Directional Digital Volume.

SPIROMETRY PC SOFTWAREConnection:Two free USB ports - for USB Spirometer and dongle key protection

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