Chison iVis20 Ultrasound System

Chison iVis20 Ultrasound System

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Great value! B&W with 4D

The new iVis20 system has set the new standard for affordable 4D ultrasound in this very competitive market.
With the advanced technologies of 4D volume rendering, compound imaging, multi-beamformer imageing, it provides  superb images in 2D,color,PW,4D. The streamlined workflow, ergonomic outlook and compact design improves your work efficiency at easy. Try iVis20, upgrades your diagnosis capability to 4D 
at attractive price!

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Chison iVis20 Ultrasound System




The multi-purpose user presets, streamlined measurement& report system, built-in EasyView image archieve system, quick image storage/retreive/transfer, one-button direct print, 4D direct burning to CD makes the complete workflow more perfect than what you can dream of.


The state of art iVis 20 is a breakthrough in traditional ultrasound technology. Real-time 4D imaging is the continuous, three dimensional scanning of an object with simultaneous visualization of the A, B and C planes. This revolutionary multi-beam technology,goes beyond the boundaries of traditional ultrasound and allows to see the movement of an object in real time.

This advanced technology gives the radiologist additional information for a more accurate diagnosis and higher patient care.

Transducer Options (Sold Separately)


  • D3C20L

    Cardiac Probe

  • V4C40L

    4D Volume Probe

  • D6C12L

    Transvaginal Probe

  • D7L40L

    Linear Probe

  • D3C60L

    Convex Probe

Technical Specs

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