Commwell Medical PhysioGlove

Commwell Medical PhysioGlove

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The Commwell “PhysioGlove” has many advantages!

This is the first, true, lead wire free, simultaneous, fully diagnostic, 12-lead ECG recording system!

The placement of the electrodes is very easy, natural and almost automatic. It is in exact accordance with the international conventions.

Totally eliminates the problem of electrode misplacement and lead wire entanglement. ECG recordings are always reproducible, thereby offering an accurate tool for 12-Lead ECG comparisons in the same patient as well as an indispensable tool for population studies in preventive cardiology as well as pharmacological studies.

Easy to use, almost fail proof!

No need for special training. Can be performed by almost anybody.

Ideal for home patient use.

No need for special skin preparation (shaving of hair etc.).

Saves disposable electrodes.

Saves a lot of time! A 12 lead ECG recording takes less then one minute to complete!!

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