Welcome to CONMED Corporation’s web site. We are a global medical technology company that specializes in the development and sale of products and services that allow our physician customers to deliver high quality care and as a result, enhanced clinical outcomes for their patients.

With products that are recognized as technological leaders by the specialties they serve, caregivers within the Arthroscopy, Electrosurgery, Endoscopy, EndoSurgery, Gastroenterology, Integrated Systems, Patient Care, Powered Surgical Instruments and Pulmonology markets have come to value the CONMED name across the world.

Our family of business units listed to the left are able to focus on the needs and wants of specific specialties while coming together at the point of care delivery to offer our customers the power of choice and the power of convenience. We welcome you to explore our World of Solutions.

ConMed Patient Care is where it all began for CONMED with the introduction of a disposable ECG electrode back in 1973! In the ensuing years, a perfect blend of organic and acquisition related growth has yielded a franchise dedicated to patient care within virtually all hospital-based departments and ambulatory surgery centers.

Now, as a worldwide leader in the development and sale of advanced patient monitoring devices such as cardiac output systems, pulse oximetry equipment and sensors (Dolphin), ECG electrodes, cardiac defibrillation & pacing pads and blood pressure cuffs, CONMED Patient Care also offers a complete line of reusable surgical patient positioners and suction instruments & tubing in addition to a revolutionary line of IV gravity flow controllers and IV stabilization devices.


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