Discount Cardiology is one of the largest distributors of Dopplers, Fetal Dopplers,Vascular Dopplers, table top dopplers, Summit Dopplers, Mini Dopplex, Multi Dopplex, Huntleigh Multi Dopplex. Ultrasound Doppler systems are used to detect fetal heartbeats and to monitor peripheral arterial and venous blood flow.more>>

We carry a large selection of Dopplers from different brands like Huntleigh, Edan Instruments, Mindray, Summit doppler systems, etc. Our products range from fetal dopplers, baby heartbeat monitors, and fda approved home fetal doppler monitors starting at $99. Discount Cardiology sells full Vascular ABI / PVR doppler systems too. Discount Cardiology provides a complete line of Ultrasound Dopplers and Vascular Diagnostic products and doppler supplies to fit your needs and budget.

Discount Cardiology has been in the industry over 25 years and our knowledge and expertise is our best asset. Please feel free to contact Discount Cardiology for expert advice or for the lowest prices on the Doppler that you are interested in. 800-507-8244<< less

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  3. Edan SonoTrax Pro
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