EKG Paper

Discount Cardiology sells  EKG PaperECG Paper at the lowest prices. We sell all kinds of Cardiology Supplies which include EKG Paper – ECG Paper and ekg electrodes. Discount Cardiology has a large stock of paper for all the major manufacturers' EKG Machines like: Burdick, Bionet, Cardiac Science, Cardioline, Edan, Fukuda Denshi, G.E. Healthcare, HP, Quinton, Philips, Zoll, Mortara, Wellch Allyn, QRS, MRL, Schiller, Sony, Cardiotech,  Nihon Kohden, and many more. more>>

The Discount Cardiology brand of EKG Paper is of the highest quality and provides our clients with the ultimate quality at the lowest prices. We are always running specials on ekg paper and ecg paper so make sure to give us a call and inquire. We also offer bulk discounts and special discounts for schools. Ekg paper and ecg paper specials that never end incluide: G.E. mac 1200 paper 9402-061, Bionet 2000 ekg paper ecg-pp, b-ecg-p10, Burdick 3100, 8300, 8500, 6100 ekg paper 007983, and All nihon kohden paper PA-9100 ecg paper. If you need ekg paper then you probably need EKG Electrodes and/or ECG Electrodes. Contact Discount Cardiology for help located paper for your machines and for tthe lowest prices in the country.<< less

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Susuken 103 paper

 Roll  48  1.94" x 100'  Green   $179.00  

1201 Paper

 Roll  25  210MM x 100'  Red   $81.12  

CS-6, EC900Z

 Z-Fold  6  6" x 8.5" (400 sheets)  Red   $250.00  
R183X30RC-RR-SUS 302, 303  Roll  25  183MMx30m  Red   $150.00  
R210X60ZD-SUS Discount Cardiology  Z-Fold  10  210MMx138'  Red   $187.50  
R50X30RC-SUS Discount Cardiology  Roll  100  50mm x 100'  Red   $147.50