Edan Instruments EKG Paper 601
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Edan Instruments EKG Paper 601

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SE-601 series

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Discount Cardiology is your premier resource for ECG/EKG Paper. We have been in business over 25 years and know every ekg machine out there! If you have any questions about which ekg/ecg chart paper works with your ekg machine, give us a call. We carry the highest quality ekg/ecg paper and at the lowest prices. Discount Cardiology manufactures ekg/ecg chart paper for Burdick, Bionet, Cardiac Science, Cardioline, Edan, Fukuda Denshi, G.E. Healthcare, HP, Midmark, Brentwood, Cardiotech, Marquette, Quinton, Philips, Zoll, Mortara, Wellch Allyn, QRS, MRL, Schiller, Sony, Cardiotech, and Nihon Kohden EKG/ECG machines. We have a warehouse full of z-fold ekg paper, ecg paper rolls, fan fold chart paper, and more so be confident that your paper is in stock!

If the wrong type of ECG paper is used, then the measurements of the tracer line can be inaccurate. Size and type can also be important so the mechanism of the machine won’t interfere with the results. It is often helpful to review the return policies of manufacturers and suppliers in case a mistake in an order is made, so the wrong type of paper can be exchanged for the right product.

The configuration of most kinds of ECG paper includes a measurement of time and the voltage of the electrical activity. Many types of it come in sheets, often designed into a z-fold pattern. The way this paper is stored can be different from how strips that come in rolls are saved before use. Roll-style paper is sold by many manufacturers. Both types of ECG paper can come in various widths and lengths, while the product can vary in terms of packaging; the amount of sheets can vary drastically as well.

Electrocardiograms are a common form of noninvasive recording of heart activity. There are many manufacturers that can offer different brands of ECG paper. Each type is often different based on the particular machine, so it is usually important to read the instructions to know what kind of paper to order. Rolls typically vary in circumference, so usually the right size will be the only one to fit in the machine’s feeder.


The most common types of ekg/ecg paper

9402-061 or 226-166-06 GE Mac 1200 ekg/ecg paper

ECG-PP or B-ECG-P10 Bionet 2000 ekg/ecg paper

2.157017A Schiller AT-2 Ekg/ecg paper

2.157014A Schiller AT-1 Ekg/ecg paper

9402-020 OR 9402-024 GE MAC 6, MAC 8, MAC 12, MAC 15, MAC 5000, MAX 1, CASE 12, CASE 15, CASE 8000, MACVIEW, MUSE EKG/ECG paper

M1707A Philips Pagewriter HP 1700 series, XLi PageWriter XL, M1700A, M1701A, M1702A, PageWriter 300/200/100, M1770A, M1771A, M1772A, PageWriter Touch, 860284, PageWriter TC50, TC70 ekg/ecg chart paper

Burdick 007983 ekg/ecg paper for the atria 3000, atria 3100, burdick 8300, burdick 8500, burdick quest, burdick eclipse

Burdick 007868 ekg/ecg paper for the E500TW, ECLIPSE, LE-II, LEi-II, E350, E350I, E550, E600, E700,
PA-9100 Nihon Kohden ekg paper for the Ecg-9130k, ecg-1350a


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