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Discount Cardiology is one of the leading resellers/wholesalers of Edan ekg machines, stress systems, ultrasound machines, fetal dopplers, patient monitors, vital signs monitors, pulse oximeters, veterinary products,edan ekg paper, holter systems, and central station platforms. EDAN is a market-oriented, and R&D driven company, which deploys the cutting-edge technology and develops products that satisfy the market. EDAN mastered the core technologies in various domains such as Physiological signal detection, medical transducer, main-control platform. Other than that, the company has around 300 patents, software copyrights, core confidential technology, confidential technics. We are driven by the extension of marketing channels and focus on the brand construction. Edan's  products penetrated into more than 480 Level Three general hospitals among over 2000 cities and towns. Meanwhile, the company set up marketing channels among over 120 countries and regions, and preliminarily achieved its globalization strategy. The company established a good brand image among domestic and foreign customers and distributors. To carry out a high quality standard, we established an integrated quality control system from R&D, Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales all the way to after-sales services.

SE-1010 (Wireless)

 Wireless sampling
 Massive data storage and powerful data management software
 Reports transferrable via E-mail
 Multi-format data export capability
 Advanced analysis functions: Vector ECG (3D), Timed VCG, Signal Average Electrocardiograph (SAECG), Heart Rate
 Turbulence (HRT), QT interval Dispersion, High Frequency ECG, and Frequency Spectrum Cardiogram
 12 leads real-time waveforms and ST segment/trend graphs display
 Customized exercise protocol in addition to Bruce and Modified Bruce protocols
 GDT support


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