Esaote P80 ECG-EKG

Esaote P80 ECG-EKG

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P80 is a digital multichannel electrocardiograph which records 12 simultaneously acquired ECG traces in a 10s memory and provides extraordinarily crips 3ch print-outs on 90mm large paper. Users can utilize both z-fold paper - ensuring sharp paging and easy filing - and roll paper - reducing cost.

P80 digital multichannel ECG is compact and portable: it offers any customer the information to produce a complete and accurate ECG report providing economy and value for money.

The high-resolution ECG signal acquisition and printing process fully answer (8 dots/mm) the most exacting demands in terms of performance.

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Esaote P80 ECG-EKG



P80 can be equipped with the Measure program (optional) for the detection and measurement of main waves offset and onset, amplitudes, duration of P, QRS, T for all 12 ECG leads; moreover it can be completed with the Interpretative program (optional) that adds the diagnostic statements to the exam print-out.

All software programs, as well as print-outs and messages, can be configured directly by the user in 10 different languages.


P80 lead-acid rechargeable batteries technology features a double battery life and eliminates the "memory effect" problems.


P80 Basic

P80 with Measurement Program

P80 with Adult Interpretative Program

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