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Discount Cardiology has provided some info for those who are curious. Doppler fetal monitor or Doppler fetal heart rate monitor is a hand-held ultrasound transducer used to detect the heart beat of a fetus for prenatal care. It uses the Doppler effect to provide an audible simulation of the heart beat. Some models also display the heart rate in beats per minute. Use of this monitor is sometimes known as Doppler auscultation. Doppler fetal monitors are commonly referred to simply as "Dopplers."

Doppler fetal monitors provide information about the fetus similar to that provided by a fetal stethoscope. One advantage of the Doppler fetal monitor over a (purely acoustic) fetal stethoscope is the electronic audio output, which allows people other than the user to hear the heartbeat. Cardiotocography is a technical means of recording the fetal heartbeat and the uterine contractions during pregnancy, typically in the third trimester. The machine used to perform the monitoring is called a cardiotocograph, more commonly known as an electronic fetal monitor (EFM).<< less


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