Fukuda Denshi CardiMax FX-7102 ECG / EKG Machine
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Fukuda Denshi CardiMax FX-7102 ECG / EKG Machine

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Fukuda Denshi FX 7102 EKG / ECG machine with Interpretive upgrade available, real-time monitor and prints-out in a one or three channel format. 800-507-8244

CardiMax FCP-7101
Download Document of Fukuda Denshi CardiMax FX-7102 ECG / EKG Machine.
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Fukuda Denshi Electrocardiograph CardiMax FX-7102

The weight is only 1.2kg and size is smaller than A4 size. But enables superior performance and allows a wide range of applications.

  • Built-in Large LCD (320 x 240 dots)
  • 3/6/12 Lead ECG Display
  • 1/3 Channel on 50/63 mm paper
  • Internal Memory for ECG Storage
  • LAN Port for External Communication

CardiMax FCP-7101 upgrade includes:

  • Same features as the CardiMax FX-7102
  • Interpretation / Arrhythmia Function

225(W) x 180(D) x 50(H) mm

1.2kg w/o Battery

The FCP-7101/FX-7102 is one of the smallest and lightest weight ECG units

on the market. It’s large LCD display offers unparallel ease of use for

checking in patient data as well as clear, accurate viewing of ECG waveforms.

Compact and Portable

Standard 12-lead ECG Waveform

The FCP-7101/FX-7102 features the largest LCD in its

class. The large LCD screen allows the user to review

real-time ECG waveforms, up to 12 leads at a time.

The increased viewing area provides superior viewing

of critical waveforms and heart rate.

In addition, the larger viewing area is much easier for

reviewing patient demographics and instrument settings.

Selectable of Recording Formats

The user can select recording formats from 1 or 3-channels.

The Automatic Recording Mode allows these selections as

well as the selection of a 1 channel + 1 rhythm lead with a

selectable continuous recording waveforms mode.

Reporting format for measurement or analysis can be selected

as required.

Interpretation and Arrhythmia Function

(FCP-7101 only)

Arrhythmia analysis and interpretation is a standard feature on the


In addition to interpretation function, FCP-7101 provides an Analysis

Guide and Findings functions, to aid the physician understanding of

the criteria used for analysis of waveforms.

Internal Memory

A standard Internal Memory

allows user to store waveforms

and measurement/analysis data

for up to 128 examinations.

The operator can review selected

ECG data from the memory on

LCD screen or for recording as

required. A data list can be

also printed. In addition to these, FCP-7101 can print

the selected Findings for operator’ s needs.

Communication Port

The LAN port is standard equipped. ECG data can be

output as standard format, SCP-ECG, through LAN

port. Therefore the unit can be connected with a

personal computer to establish data filing system as

additional data storage.

Battery Operation (Option)

An optional built-in battery allows the unit to operate

up to 3 hours without being connected to the AC adapter.

This convenient feature allows the user to conduct ECG

examinations even when AC power may not be available.

The arrhythmia analysis function is incorporated to facilitate verification of

arrhythmia events that are difficult to detect through short-term ECG monitoring.

FCP-7101 analyzes a selected 3 leads for a maximum of three minutes and

records the result.

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