Fukuda Denshi Dynascope 7200 Bedside Monitor
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Fukuda Denshi Dynascope 7200 Bedside Monitor

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Bedside hemodynamic and cardiac monitoring in high-acuity cardiac care areas demands displays that are both clear and customizable so you can quickly access patient information.

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Complete with more standard features than any comparable model, the Fukuda Denshi DS-7200 is easy to configure and use, so you can access patient status how you need to, where you need to, and when you need to. With the DS-7200 bedside monitor, your patient speaks to you using one of the most flexible and advanced parameter input and display options available.
As with all Fukuda Denshi products, the DS-7200 Perioperative monitor is one of the most reliable medical electronic instruments you will ever use, connecting technology to patient care for years to come.


  • 12.1-inch Color LCD Touch Screen display with 10 waveforms (max 14 waveforms when 12-lead ECG)
  • Various display format (5 basic + graphic and tabular trend ) 
  • Optional parameter expansion modules (IBP, CO, and TEMP) 
  • Two optional CO2 modules are available "Oridion" MicroStream® or "Respironics" Mainstream
  • Connections to various stand-alone devices
  • Built-in 3 channel recorder/printer 
  • Advanced NIBP measurement with "Dyna Alert" system
  • Battery (option)
Dimensions: 310(W) x 245(D) x 351(H) mm
(12 1/4 x 9 5/8 x 13 7/8 inch)
Weight: Approx. 10Kg (22.05 lb) 
(Not including optional modules and units)
Flexible Performance

Optional modules can be integrated to monitor additional parameters if required.

Module Type

Measurement Parameters



Cardiac Output













The basic model comes standard with the following parameters; 3/4/5 and 12-lead ECG, RESP, IBP (2 channels), TEMP(2 channels), NIBP and SpO2. Optional modules enable the DS-7200 to monitor additional IBP and TEMP inputs, and measure cardiac output. Also, an optional sidestream or main stream CO2module can be incorporated for CO2 monitoring.
Abundant Connectivity   Efficient Expandability

Multiple external interfaces enable the DS-7200 to connect devices such as ventilators and continuous cardiac output flow meters, thereby making the monitor appropriate to use in any critical care units.

Optional CO2 concentration unit

Module Type

Measurement Parameters


Mainstream CO2*


Microstream® CO2

MicrostremR is a registered trademark of Oridion  

Connection to external devices including CO/SvO2 monitors, BIS monitor and ventilators is possible. Data from these devices can be reviewed within parameter lists on the DS-7200.
Quick Measurement   Smart Inflation   Dyna Alert
The NIBP measurement time is greatly reduced by 35% compared to other systems.   Reduces the peak pressure by eliminating the excess inflation pressure (for patient comfort and measurement duration) using a preliminary systolic value.   Dyna Alert allows the monitor to take NIBP measurement automatically when the current blood pressure appears to be changing rapidly during the interval time.
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