Fukuda Denshi

Fukuda Denshi is a world leader in Cardiology Instrumentation, Patient Monitoring and Ultrasound technologies.
At Fukuda Denshi we create medical technology with one purpose in mind to get you the information you need easily, clearly, quickly, and reliably. We know that technology must be transparent and dependable or it can confuse rather than clarify the patient's situation.
The ideal instrumentation speaks clearly for the patient, communicates seamlessly with you, and delivers reliable performance supported by technical know-how based on decades of experience. Such are the instruments made proudly by Fukuda Denshi.

Fukuda Denshi USA markets Critical Care monitoring equipment and diagnostic Ultrasound equipment. In addition to these products, Fukuda Denshi USA also markets a line of innovative ECG solutions to the physician office and hospital market.

Fukuda Denshi Co. Ltd., founded in 1939, is an emerging global leader in the research and development, manufacture and sales of medical electronics equipment. Corporate headquarters, R & D, and manufacturing plant are located in Tokyo, Japan. The company has global offices throughout the world supporting direct sales, in Japan the United States, United Kingdom and Beijing China. Fukuda Denshi also has a worldwide network of distributors serving Asia, Europe, North & South America, and Africa.

Since Fukuda Denshi first expanded to become an international corporation, the company has been confidently growing into an industry leader that now employs approximately 3,000 people and serves medical professional on 6 continents.
We bring our global experience to every local institution, so you can be sure you have
a partner who is both in tune with the evolving healthcare universe and personally committed to meeting your needs.

When Mr. Takashi Fukuda found the company over 70 years ago, he did so because he believed that improved medical technology could lead to improved patient care. Today, Fukuda Denshi connects technology to patient care in hospitals large and small around the world, delivering high-level performance and comprehensive functionality at a reasonable cost. As we move forward, we continue to be inspired by the same spirit of technological innovation and devotion to patient well-being that captured our company's founder all those years ago.


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