GE Achilles Bone Ultrasonometer
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GE Achilles Bone Ultrasonometer

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Widely accessible fracture risk assessment 

The Achilles bone ultrasonometer helps you protect the vitality of your patients by making accurate fracture risk assessment both comfortable and convenient. 

Achilles osteoporotic fracture risk assessment is as discriminating as DXA at the hip and spine. The exam is quick and comfortable for your patients, and its user-friendly design makes it easy for your staff to operate, with no formal certification required.

Achilles EXPII Data Sheet

Achilles InSight Data Sheet

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Osteoporotic fracture risk assessment as discriminating as DXA at the hip and spine

The osteoporotic fracture risk assessment provided by Achilles closely matches prevalence as defined by central DXA. Its high negative predictive value—97 percent for 50- to 59-year-old Caucasian women—makes Achilles especially useful for discriminating between those not at risk for fracture and those in need of further evaluation by central DXA.    


A quick and comfortable exam 

Bone assessments take just a few minutes. Your patients sit comfortably during the pain-free exam—no messy gels required. Moreover, the unit emits no ionizing radiation.


Efficient customizable workflow

Achilles units are portable and affordable. When combined with the quick exam time, these features help enable you to reach more patients. Furthermore, the user-friendly Achilles requires no special room and no formal certification. Results are concise and easy for staff to interpret.

The benefits of Achilles are supported by a range of features:


  • Proven in 11 prospective clinical studies.
  • FDA-cleared for monitoring—the only ultrasonometer to receive such clearance
  • High negative predictive value 
  • Dynamic signal-strength compensation allows measurement over a wide range of bone densities
  • Bi-directional measurement helps ensure a consistent reading
  • Controlled measurement of site temperature for greater accuracy than other QUS systems
  • Results expressed as Stiffness Index—a composite of Speed of Sound (SOS) and Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation (BUA)—which compensates for the effect of heel width and temperature
  • Real-time image provides visual confirmation of proper heel placement (Achilles InSight only)    


  • No messy gels 
  • Warm, water-filled membranes hug the heel
  • Large, easy-to-read color display tilts towards the patient
  • No ionizing radiation
  • Quick exam—just a few minutes from shoe off to shoe on


  • No special rooms 
  • Durable and easily portable
  • Generates full-sized and full-color reports
  • On-board memory stores up to 2,000 patient records—no need to carry a computer
  • Customizable measurement workflows allow you to select which patient data to collect and report
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