GE CS Cardiac Testing and Data Management System
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GE CS Cardiac Testing and Data Management System

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G.E. CS enables you to acquire stress testing, ambulatory blood pressure, and spirometry data from you PC. Call Discount Cardiology for specials 800-507-8244

Turning data into confident diagnoses.

The CS cardiac testing and data management system transforms your PC into a sophisticated cardiac data acquisition and analysis system. CS helps you streamline your workflow by efficiently storing all patient data and test results electronically on your office PC or in your electronic medical record (EMR) system. Completely scalable, CS enables you to acquire stress testing, ambulatory blood pressure, and spirometry data as well as resting ECG waveforms and measurements. Giving you the tools you need for fast, accurate analysis and the access to the information you need to care for patients efficiently.

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CardioSoft ™ Diagnostic System

CardioSoft Resting ECG & Exercise Stress Testing
Download Document of GE CS Cardiac Testing and Data Management System.
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CardioSoft v6.6 Diagnostic System from GE Healthcare is more than a software program — it is a data acquisition and management solution that transforms your laptop/PC or computer network into an advanced diagnostic system. So you can easily acquire, analyze, store and transport resting ECG, exercise stress tests, ambulatory blood pressure and spirometry measurements. And that’s just the beginning.

Versatile, expandable IT solutions. Access and security. Simply put, your practice needs both. CardioSoft delivers a scalable IT framework that lets you build a diagnostic system that can grow with your practice.

Efficient workflow for better quality of care. The demands of healthcare today require you to do more with less and do it all faster. CardioSoft helps you care for more patients, more efficiently, by streamlining every point of care.

Your link to clinical excellence. CardioSoft Diagnostic System supports your clinical decisions and enables you to stay more connected to your practice and your patients.

  1. Open system architecture: GE Healthcare uses industry-standard communication protocols, including HL7, Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM), DICOM Modality Worklist,XML and TCP/IP.  CardioSoft is compatible with: Windows® XP/Pro, Windows Vista® Home Premium, Vista Business and Windows Server® 2000/2003 Operating Systems.

  2. Standalone or networked environments: The system works as a standalone module or in a networked Local Area Network (LAN) environment with multiple acquisition and editing workstations.

  3. Security and compliance: CardioSoft protects your data, your system and your investment through multi-level data security tools

  • Enhanced LAN connectivity with auto timeout and loginsoptimizes charge capture and system usage, while increasing the security of your server

  • CardioSoft can operate in a Citrix® or traditional environment with data security measures to control access and privileges

CardioSoft supports an integrated continuum of care, with:
• Seamless EMR connectivity for faster digital workflow and billing
• Access to patient data anytime, anyplace through CardioSoft Web
• Diagnostic confidence with proven Marquette® ECG analysis programs

Clinically precise. Functionally simple. Completely connected to the demands of your practice and the needs of your patients. All in a few easy steps.

GE Healthcare CardioSoft Diagnostic System Resting ECG application Clinically connected.  Simply smart. T he CardioSoft™ Diagnostic System Resting ECG application transforms your physician office PC into a resting ECG device. The Cardiac Acquisition Module (CAM-14) with the CAM USB A/T interface is easily connected from the patient to your PC’s standard USB port. The CAM-14 provides high-quality ECG presentation for accurate cardiac assessment of your patients. Its outstanding digital signal processing reduces artifact for clearer tracings.

• Comprehensive GE Marquette® 12SL™ ECG analysis program including ACI-TIPI, gender-specific criteria, 12SL with Right Ventricular Involvement measurement and serial presentation of ECGs; 12SL is one of the most validated ECG analysis programs in the industry and has been cited in over 150 independent publications

• Multiple configurable report formats are available

• Full disclosure data can be stored in the CardioSoft Diagnostic System database and easily accessed remotely via CS Web; robust editing functions make report generation simple and fast

• Seamless connectivity with other GE resting ECG devices such as MAC® 800, MAC 1200, MAC 1600, MAC 3500, MAC 5500 and with EMR* systems

• DICOM formatted resting ECG report generated by CardioSoft Diagnostic System is automatically exported to PACS workstations, making physician over-read fast and efficient while speeding up patient throughput

• Seamless connectivity to GE MUSE® Cardiology Information System for even more workflow efficiencies • Multiple networking options are available (consult CardioSoft Diagnostic System Networking product sheet)

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