GE CardioMem CM 3000 Holter
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GE CardioMem CM 3000 Holter

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Enjoy ease and convenience with a modern digital recorder for Holter systems that stores ECG waveforms on a flash card.

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For the peace of mind and convenience of your Holter ECG users, the CardioMem* CM 3000 allows storage of your ECG waveforms reliably and accurately on a flash card.

It features a user-friendly menu structure with a graphic display for easy operation, and can record up to three ECG channels for as long as ten days. Capture pacemaker information and Trans-thoracic impedance too.

CardioMem CM 3000 Series:  
Three models. One easy and reliable recorder. 

CardioMem CM 3000 can record up to three ECG channels, for as long as 10 days, each with a sampling rate of up to 1024 Hz and a resolution of 12 bit, plus pacemaker information and Trans-thoracic impedance.   

CardioMem* CM 3000 Z and CM 3000 ZSM 
This practical digital recorder was designed with primary care users in mind. The two-channel ECG can be transmitted via the Internet or over a phone line to an analysis centre, or the flash card can be mailed for analysis. 

CardioMem* CM 3000-12 BT 
This recorder allows continuous storage of a 12-channel ECG over a period of up to 72 hours. Thanks to the integrated bidirectional interface with Bluetooth** technology, data can be exchanged wirelessly between the recorder and a PC.   

All CardioMem CM 3000 series recorders offer patient- and physician-friendly features:

  • Storage of your ECG waveforms reliably and accurately on a flash card
  • Easy and convenient to use 
  • Features a user-friendly menu structure with a graphic display for easy operation 
  • Integrated graphic display for online ECG monitoring and fast testing of the electrode application
  • Easy, practice-oriented and intuitive thanks to a user-friendly menu structure on the display

Smart technology offers ease of use and peace of mind:

  • Continuous open-lead monitoring to detecting poor-quality electrodes or electrodes that have fallen off. 
  • An integrated patient cable channel prevents premature cable breakages.
  • Mignon cells or NiMh rechargeable batteries can be used for the electricity supply.
  • When a new recording is started, the available battery voltage is checked in order to ensure Adequate capacity. 
  • Recorded data are saved on a CompactFlash* card and retained if battery power is lost. 
  • Data can also be transferred to the computer by means of a card reader, compressed there without any losses and sent to the evaluation centre via the Internet. ·         An import module then provides assistance in reading the data into the CardioDay* analysis software. 
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