GE Logiq e Ultrasound
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GE Logiq e Ultrasound

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Amazing accuracy leads to amazing outcomes.

Amazing accuracy and immediate information help you excel in providing patient care. The LOGIQ e high-resolution image quality gives you the information you need to help make quick decisions with confidence.

Its versatility, compact profile, precision tools and easy-to-use platform make the LOGIQ e well-suited for point-of-care imaging for musculoskeletal, rheumatology, interventional, anesthesia and pain management, emergency and critical care.

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Amazing Image Quality Featuring Innovative B-Steer + Needle Recognition

  • The LOGIQ e now features a 20% improvement in contrast ratio as compared to previous generations.
  • Get high-resolution soft tissue imaging.
  • Innovative B-Steer + Needle Recognition easily tracks the needle at various angles and depths.
  • CrossXBeam* helps you clearly see anatomical detail.
  • Tissue Differentiation helps you detect subtle changes in anatomy, minimal amounts of fluid and small structures.
  • AutoClarity Suite provides easy image optimization at the touch of a button.
  • L8-18i-RS transducer offers flexibility.
  • Ultra-high frequency with 20% contrast ratio improvement helps clarify differences in anatomical detail.
  • Small size transducer is designed for pediatrics and small anatomy.
  • B-Color provides easy differentiation between soft tissue and fascial planes or interfaces.
  • Select color tints to apply to the gray scale image.
  • Raw Data offers enhanced flexibility.
  • Manipulate stored images, add annotations, measure and optimize images – even after the procedure.
  • Suitable for deep dive understanding and image refinement after acquisition.
  • LOGIQview offers panoramic imaging.
  • See up to 60 cm for ligaments, tendons and muscles in long axis for additional anatomy in one view.
  • Simultaneous Split Screen lets you compare saved reference images to real-time scanning images.

Tissue Differentiation helps you make quick decisions with confidence.

Power Doppler Imaging Sensitivity Helps You:

  • Detect subtle changes in anatomy, minimal amounts of fluid and small structures.
  • Now enjoy a 20-percent contrast ratio improvement as compared to previous generations.


    Get intuitive presets for your specialty – and the flexibility to create and save your own settings.

    Get the power of portability.

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    • Distinguish between tissue types and compare normal to abnormal anatomy with clear superficial and deep imaging.
    • Detect slow blood flow in both small and large vessels.
    • Detect small vessels and inflammation, and evaluate injuries and diseases.
    • Verify blood flow and vascular structures in a region of interest.
      • B-Steer + Needle Recognition helps visualize anatomy and the needle tip to build confidence.
      • Follow-Up Tool helps make patient follow-up consistent and automatic.
      • Data Management helps you work efficiently.
      • PDI Quantification, an integrated tool.
      • PDI Sensitivity offers clear superficial and deep imaging. 
      • Easy3D.
      • Customize your LOGIQ e to make it work your way.
      • Automatic – when time is of the essence
      • The system comes with expertly optimized image settings.
      • Auto Optimize helps you quickly adjust image quality with the touch of one button.
      • Personalize – it’s easy, and the choice is yours
      • You have the flexibility to fine-tune the image across all modes and save your settings.
      • Create up to eight of your own default settings by anatomy, procedure or physician.
      • Select only the capabilities you need for your clinic or facility.
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