GE MAC 1200 Resting EKG Machine
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GE MAC 1200 Resting EKG Machine

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The GE Mac 1200 ECG Machine is the most popular ekg machine on the market. It comes complete with a screen, keyboard, interpretation, and prints on a full page. FAA Upgradeable! We'll Beat Any Price In The Country!!! . This has been one of the best selling machines for many years.

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GE Mac 1200 EKG Machines

This unit comes refurbished with a 1 year warranty, or refurbished with a full 3 year warranty!!! We will beat any price Call For Details:1-800-507-8244

The GE Mac 1200 ECG Machines are 12 lead electrocardiograph with display. It can perform rhythm, arrhythmia detection or 12 lead analysis using GE Medical System's recognized industry standard 12SLâ„¢ algorithm. Optional network modem allows connectivity to our cardiology information system. This GE Mac 1200 EKG machine comes with a few different configurations. We only stock the interpretative model which has the option to turn off the interpretation if you so desire. This is one of the most advanced and sturdy ekg machines on the market. You can not go wrong. Our ECG machines come with brand new patient cables, clips, power cords, manuals, batteries, 1 pack of paper, and a starter pack of electrodes. You will be patient ready!


GE Mac 1200 ECG System Features:

GE continues advancements in ECG acquisition and analysis, giving clinicians the diagnostic accuracy they have come to rely on. In fact, the accuracy of our Marquette ECG analysis programs are continually validated against the clinical “gold standards” currently accepted by physicians. • Marquette 12-Lead ECG Analysis – Our Marquette 12SLTM ECG analysis program provides true, computer- interpreted analysis of adult and pediatric populations. It is the most scientifically documented 12-lead ECG algorithm, and offers the greatest accuracy for a respectable second opinion. • Marquette 12SL with Gender Specific interpretation applies unique criteria for evaluating the ST segment, QT segment and T-wave of the ECG waveform, improving sensitivity to acute MIs in women and enhancing diagnostic confidence among even occasional ECG readers. • Auto-Arrhythmia Detection maximizes rhythm capabilities and minimizes paper consumption and overread time.

  • Interpretation software
  • Networking to the cardiology information system for workflow management and post-editing
  • 3-Channel display for easy viewing and equipment setup
  • Full-sized paper format for easy, one-button operation printing of tracings
  • Easy to clean, alphanumeric keyboard for patient data entry
  • Multi-link front end Patient Module for ease of use and more effective maintenance
  • Improved Pacemaker Detection Technology
  • New Gender Specific Criteria for detection of Acute MI in Women

Discount Cardiology guarantees to beat any price on the GE Mac 1200 EKG Machine!

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Oct 1, 2015
Just received the refurbished product delivery. Thanks for the excellent customer support and price rate.
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Oct 1, 2015
Great support, thanks, I like this machine
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Oct 1, 2015
I need one.
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Oct 1, 2015
What a wonderful ekg machine. We just received the refurbished model and it is perfect.
thanks guys!
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Jul 12, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Works as well as GE MAC 1200 Resting EKG Machine and is half of the price. I am so impressed with this product. Great Service. Thank you guys!
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