IQmark Digital Interpretive ECG / EKG Machine By Brentwood
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IQmark Digital Interpretive ECG / EKG Machine By Brentwood

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Midmark IQMARK EKG / ECG technology at its finest! Call for the lowest prices on PC Based ekgs 800-507-8244

IQmark Digital ECG IQmark Digital Interpretive ECG / EKG Machine By Brentwood Catelog
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Here’s the fully integrated, cost-effective ECG solution you’ve been waiting for:

  • Quick, easy, intuitive
  • Includes the Midmark 12-Lead Resting ECG Analysis Program the gold standard for analysis
  • Compatible with most Electronic Medical Record formats
  • Runs on Windows-based PC
  • Delivers immediate cost savings over conventional ECG machines

Here’s a quick look at the advantages you’ll enjoy:

  • Monitor your patient’s real-time ECG data
  • Store and retrieve ECGs on your computer system with the click of a mouse
  • 55,000 ECGs require just 1GB of hard-drive storage space
  • Eliminate manual collection and preparation of patient data
  • E-mail an ECG to a colleague anywhere for consultation, or access it on the road, using a portable PC
  • You’ll save hundreds of dollars annually on ECG supplies and replacement components by eliminating specialized paper, mounts, stylus, printheads and motors
  • Open-architecture software design means compatibility with most EMR systems
  • Serial Comparison lets you compare up to 4 ECG tests at one time

The future of EKG / ECG technology just arrived.
With a modular, open-architecture approach that ensures compatibility with most Electronic Medical Record systems, the Midmark IQmark Digital ECG offers profound advancements in efficiency, quality of care and ease of use. Winner of Microsoft’s Healthcare Users Group Award in 1997 and 1999, Frost & Sullivan’s 2000 Market Engineering Product Innovation Award, and Best of Breed Toward an Electronic Patient Record in 2002 and 2003, the Midmark IQmark Digital ECG is a practical, real-world advance for clinicians today, and one that will grow exponentially in value in the future.

The PC ECG is technology at its finest.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Simultaneous 12-lead Interpretive ECG analysis
  • 4 or 12-lead simultaneous on screen viewing
  • 12-lead printout in various formats
  • Simple operation and installation
  • Battery operated - defibrillator protected
  • Digital filters for AC, Muscle and Drift
  • Data management capabilities - archive and restore
  • Plain paper ECG's save as much as $700 per year in paper
  • No more ECG mounts. Standard Letter (8-1/2" x 11") or A4 papers
  • Endless storage capabilities
  • One year parts and labor warranty (extended warranties are available)
  • Fax and Modem capabilities
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