IRIS Vital Signs Monitor NIBP + SpO2 + Temp + ECG
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IRIS Vital Signs Monitor NIBP + SpO2 + Temp + ECG

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Vital signs monitor with flexible module configurations.

This is the IRIS Vital Signs Monitor Model with NIBP + SpO2 + Temp + ECG

Our patient monitor series are designed with a new concept: compact and modular. Because there are wide ranges of application demands in hospitals: OR, Emergency, ICU, CCU, ...etc. 

Our monitor could cover all the demands from different departments by simply plugging in one or more physiology modules like: 2-IBP module, EtCO2 module, Nellcor SpO2module, GPRS module…

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IRIS Vital Signs Patient Monitor. Extremely reliable, durable and dedicated to mobile medical applications.

  • Very light weight, dedicated to Mobile Medical Applications.
  • Numeric LED + 3.2' Graphic TFT LCD Integrative Display
  • Two Plethysmogram Waveforms > More than 10 hours long life Li-ion Battery
  • SD Card which can store more than 10,000 patients’ data and info
  • Storage of 4,000 Groups Trend Data
  • Anti-Defibrillation and Anti-Electrosurgical Interference
  • Shockproof and Waterproof with High Reliability
  • Car Power Adaptor and Nurse Call
  • Unique 'Ambient Brightness Sensor' ensures patients for better rest > Ethernet Connection



Dual IBP support 2-channel IBP measurement

IBP module


Product Unique Feature

>Consideration to functionality and portability, better expansion
> Module Outside Dimension: 150mm*80mm*35mm
   Weight: 0.22 Kg
> Economical -- Hot-swapping module, optional according to customer’s requiremen
> Three kinds of alarm information -- SYS exceed alarm, DIA exceed alarm, mean exceed alarm
> Two kinds alarm mode -- vision alarm: lambent alarming indicative information in alarm information hurdle, audio alarm: blood pressure exceed alarm sounds
> Two kinds of IBP Module Calibration -- Pressure 0 Calibration, Pressure 100 Calibration

Module Features

> Expansion Modules, flexible and convenient operation
> Measuring the blood pressure by dual channels simultaneously
> A single module can apply to different instruments
> The system can recognize the module automatically

Additional Specifications

> This IBP module is applying to the expandable PMS8 series patient monitor made by 3F and used to monitor the parameters of blood pressure
> The IBP module is optional,not all the monitor equipped with this module. The IBP module is equipped only after confirmation from customer
> Caution
Every time before invasive pressure supervision,we must zero the device,but it doesn't need to calibrate 100,except for the change of environment so that the pressure value changes. For the reason of relativity ,when calibrating 100, you must calibrating 0; While calibrating 0,you needn’t calibrate 100



Golden standard SpO2 measurement technology

Nellcor SpO2 module


Product Unique Feature

Interior integrated Nellcor OxiMax golden standard blood oxygen treatment technology module
>Motion tolerance capacity, ensuring the measurement precision of neonatal, pediatric and finger (toe) tip quivering patients
> Strong low perfusion detecting capability, ensuring measurement precision of pulse weak, low temperature, poor perfusion patients
> Prompt response ,high accuracy, SatSeconds safety alarm technology
> Abundant OxiMax blood oxygen probe series, suitable for NICU/PICU/OR etc important application

Module Features

> Expansion Modules, easy to operate
> A single module can apply to different monitors
> The system can recognize the module automatically
> Abundant alarm supervising function

Additional Specifications

3F SpO2 module is applying to the PMS8 series Patient Monitor made by 3F company and could support Nellcor OxiMax series probe. Module can be inserted in every slot of 3F company’s monitor, then it can  work normally. ”NELL” is displayed on the main interface, Pulse waveform, SPO2 and PR will be displayed in the monitor waveform window after probe connected and pulse detected .

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