As a leader in respiratory care for more than 75 years, Covidien is committed to bringing new products to market that help improve patient outcomes. Covidien is one of the only companies that can draw on decades of experience across areas of respiratory care, from ventilation and airway management to patient monitoring and homecare. Trusted technologies from Covidien deliver performance and inspire confidence through a comprehensive approach that takes every element of a patient’s respiratory health into careful consideration.

An industry leader in pulse oximetry providing multiple monitoring solutions

Nellcor™ monitors, systems and sensors meet patients’ special needs and lead to fewer disturbances. System alarms are responded to appropriately by reducing nuisance alarms. The oximetry solution also provides helpful information and alarm management options, which greatly affects the clinician’s efficiency and effectiveness

Nellcor™ Bedside SpO₂ Patient Monitoring System

The Nellcor™ Bedside SpO2 Patient Monitoring System1 incorporates the latest Nellcor digital signal processing technology for accurate, reliable readings even during low perfusion and other forms of signal interference, providing clinicians with access to the most critical information regarding their patients’ respiratory status. With improved functionality, including continuous SpO2 and pulse rate monitoring, trending data and SatSeconds alarm management, clinicians can feel confident in the ability to detect respiratory complications earlier and intervene sooner.

The Patient Monitoring System offers a compact, bedside design with improved functionality, built in handle and an intuitive, easy-to-use and easy-to-read, color user interface, making it simpler for clinicians to review and download critical patient data. Save time and space with this easy-to-use patient monitoring system.

The System allows the hospital’s biomedical engineers and technicians to simply and effectively set institutional defaults as well as easily replace the battery, perform diagnostics to troubleshoot performance issues and generally maintain the monitor within the hospital. Additionally, the new system meets medical electrical equipment standards and is RoHs compliant.


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