MIR MiniSpir Light PC-based Spirometer

MIR MiniSpir Light PC-based Spirometer

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MIR Minispir light PC based spirometers comes with a light version of WinspiroPRO PC Software. Call for additional Discounts

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MIR Minispir Light Spirometers

Comes with a light version of WinspiroPRO PC Software. Ideal for basic spirometry. Easy data export also via Email. OEM Development Kit available for both Minispir and Minispir light.

MIR Winspiro Light PC software

It’s an independent product from WinspiroPRO: they can be both be installed at the same PC without interfering each other, and each new release updates and overwrites the previous.
- Simple and intuitive interface thanks to one main screen for search/recap of patient/results and a limited number of commands (menu/clicks);
- Reduced set of anagraphic and anthropometric info through simple fields: id, surname, name, stature, weight, bmi, sex, ethnic group with the automatic update of the patient’s age and the automatic recalculation of theoretic values after each modification of those fields.

All spirometry functions in one screenshot

Spirometry printout

Technical features

- All MIR USB Spirometers (Minispir II is supported by WinspiroLIGHT only!)
- minimum resolution 1024x600 (compatible with so called netbooks which have vertical resolution= 600 pixel);

MIR Minispir Light Possibilities:
• to acquire data only in real time mode;
• to carry out FVC and VC;
• to carry out only the PRE phase;
• to organize the anagraphic and anthropometric patient data in one card (fusion of the patient card with the visit card);
• to modify, insert or delete a patient from a single window in an intuitive and easy manner (direct edit);
• to insert and visualize the comments/diagnosis for every session of tests;
• to eliminate spirometry tests.

- View and print out of a reduced set of parameters :FEV6, FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, PEF, FEF2575, FIVC, ELA, EVC, IVC
• combined representation Flow curve volume and Time volume (they are plotted in the same graph);
• representation of the 3 best tests of every session;
• in the results it’s possible to see the quality of the test carried out (repeatability, quality Control Grade and Quality Report);
• the results on video and in printed version show the automatic interpretation and the user can configurate the program before it is printed.
• visual indicator which shows the grade of severity of the obstruction/restriction by way of a 3 colour traffic light.

Print out:
The report print out contains the following elements:
• Logo and heading (if configurated)
• Data of patient ( surname, name, age, sex, stature, weight, BMI, Ethnic group)
• Automatic interpretation ( if configurated and visible)
• Graph (up to 3 tests FVC/VC)
• Best values (FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, PEF)
• Parameters ( up to 3 best tests FVC/VC): FEV6, FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, PEF, FEF2575, ELA, FIVC, EVC, IVC
• Conclusions/ Diagnosis
The print out of the report can be exported in .doc and .pdf formats. These can be accessed by clicking on the icons:” Export.pdf” and “Export.doc”.The print out format: A4 letter, heading on 3 lines, insertion logo, visualization preview, printout automatic interpretation.

• Pediatric incentive;
- WinpiroLIGHT works exclusively with the disposable turbine;
• It has a program for the calibration of the turbine and a particular function for updating the internal software


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