Masimo LNCS YI Multi-site Sensor 2258

Masimo LNCS YI Multi-site Sensor 2258

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2258 LNCS YI Multi-site Sensor
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Discount Cardiology is your best resource for Masimo finger sensors and cables. The LNCS is one of the best selling products from Masimo. The Masimo part #2258 is sold as brand new. The Masimo LNCS YI Multi-site Sensor is durable, accurate, and cost effective. Contact us for the best price in the country on Masimo spo2 finger sensors!

A New Option for the Standard in Reusable Sensors

  • Designed as the reusable partner product for LNCS adhesive sensors
  • New cable connector design improves moisture resistance
  • Covered connector provides additional protection from liquid at all times
  • Designed for accurate monitoring during electro-surgical interference
  • Designed for accurate monitoring during intense ambient light
  • Accurately performs under conditions of motion and low perfusion
  • Reports true alarms while minimizing false alarms
  • Connects to all Masimo SET® oximeters via LNC patient cable
  • Multiple designs to serve the needs of many patient types
  • Compatible with Nellcor Oxismart devices (N20, N20P, N180, N200, N290, N295, N390, N395, N3000).

Works with

  • Masimo:
  • 1863 LNCS DCI (Adult)
  • 1864 LNCS DCIP (Pediatric)
  • 2653 LNCS DBI (Adult Soft)
  • 1895 LNCS TC-I (Adult Ear Clip)
  • 2258 LNCS YI (Multisite)


  • 0010-10-42600 (Adult)
  • 0010-10-42634 (Pediatric)
  • Datascope:
  • 0600-00-0126 (Adult)
  • 0600-00-0127 (Pediatric)


  • MP00796 (Adult Clip)
  • MP00795 (Pediatric Clip)
  • MP00789 (Multi-Site)
  • Philips:
  • 9898031 48281 (Adult Clip)
  • 9898031 48291 (Pediatric Clip)
  • 9898031 48301 (Adult Ear Clip)


  • 01-02-0905 (Adult Clip)
  • 01-02-0906 (Pediatric Clip)

The Masimo LNCS Reusable Adult finger sensor is Compatible with the following Mindray Products:

    ● Accutorr V
    ● DPM3
    ● DPM4
    ● DPM5
    ● DPM6
    ● DPM7
    ● Duo
    ● Passport 2
    ● Passport V
    ● Spectrum
    ● Spectrum OR
    ● Trio
    ● V12
    ● V21

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