Medfusion Syringe Pump 3500

Medfusion Syringe Pump 3500

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Medfusion Syringe Pump 3500.The Medfusion 3500 Syringe Pump is an intuitive system designed to enhance safety while maintaining simplicity. For more than 15 years, the Medfusion Syringe Pump platform has been the technology leader in syringe pumps with its innovations in syringe recognition, drug libraries and dose limits. Support for up to 16 different profiles or care areas allows for safe use of the Medfusion Syringe Pump in any department within the facility. As defined by ISMP and other safety agencies, the Medfusion Syringe Pump and PharmGuard Medication Safety Software is truly a “smart” pump system.


  • FlowSentry™ : enhanced pressure trending for earlier detection of occlusion
  • Extensive delivery mode combinations including ml/hr, body weight, mass, volume over time, custom dilution and intermittent, loading dose, bolus dose, standby, volume limit and KVO rate
  • Syringe sizes: accepts seven different manufactures' syringe types, all manufactures' syringe administration sets
  • +/- 2% instrument accuracy: automatic syringe size detection
  • Ergonomic, easy to use, horizontal design protects entire syringe barrel and allows single-handed loading
  • MRI indicated: for use outside the 150 Gauss line and with shielded magnets of field strength of 1.5 Tesla or less.
  • Mounts easily to an IV pole, an infant’s isolet or radiant warmer. Pole clamp allows for rotation to accommodate various pole and vast orientations
  • Bio-Med mode to set PM dates, view service history, and for access to calibration and diagnostic testing
  • Internal battery capacity 10 hours at 5.0 mL/hr with 60ml syringe
  • Wide-ranging flow rates and the capacity to infuse at low rates with larger syringes
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