MediSono P25 Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System

MediSono P25 Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System

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MediSono P25 Ultrasound Machines

The newest color Doppler system from Medisono, is specially designed for full range applications, including Radiology, Cardiovascular, OB/GYN and others. Asa a workflos-enhanced ultrasound system, P25, combining 17" monitor with touch panel together, will provide the most smooth work flow which doctors have never experienced before.

Medisono P25 Ultrasound features:

Innovative Ergonomic Design

  • 17" high resolution widescreen LCD with articulated arm to minimize the fatigue of eyes and shoulders during daily scanning. The smart touchscreen providing the fastes way to adjust parameters and control the system.
  • Convenient front and back handles and four wheels with lock can be used for transportation with high mobility
  • Standard four sockets are universal for all types of transducers, including the special probes like TEE, 4D, Bi-plane and itraoperative transducers

High Quality NOise Filter

  • HQNF technology can efficiently reduce Doppler signal noise of ultrasound system, providing improved color flow and spectral Doppler images

Multi-beam Parallel Processing Technology

  • Multi-beam parallel processing technology can enhance lateral and time resolution, so that it can dramatically help the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and also lays a good foundation on real-time 3D imaging

µ Scan

µ-Scan uses real-time image processing algorithm to eliminate speckle and noise artifact, enhancing tissue margins and borders by correcting discontinuity between different regions allowing improved visualization of real tissue information


M-tuning is one button image optimization technology, providing you quick B-mode and Spectral Doppler image optimization by checking on button.  It can shorten examination time and ensure optimal results and more accurate diagnosis.

Real time 3D(4D)This premium technology is often used in obstetric ultrasonography, providing real time three dimensional images of the fetus. Many high-end features, such as multi-slice and clip plane, will help you make detailed and accurate analysis. 

17” High Resolution LCD color monitor and 8 inch touch screen
Four transducers connectors
ECG Module
Imaging modes: B /2B /4B /M /THI /CFM /PDI /DirPDI /PW /HPRF /CW
Trapezoidal Imaging
Panoramic Imaging
Compounding Imaging
μ-Scan: speckle reduction imaging
Freehand 3D Imaging
Multi-beam technology
Steer M mode with 3 sample lines
M-Tuning: one button image optimization
Live 3D (4D) software
Convex 4D probe PB-VC6-2, 6-2.2MHz/R40mm
Endovaginal probe PB-6V3 11-3.9 MHz/R10 mm 192 elements

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