Meditech card(X)plore - combined ECG Holter and ABPM recorder system

Meditech card(X)plore - combined ECG Holter and ABPM recorder system

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Meditech card(X)plore - combined ECG Holter and ABPM recorder system



  • today's powerful ambulatory cardiovascular diagnostic device
  • up to 51-hour full disclusure 3-channel ECG recording
  • up to 51-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • up to 51-hour 2-axis activity recording
  • no-compression storage on MMC/SD multimedia card
  • continuous real-time beat-to-beat ECG analysis
  • automatic event detection with extra BP recordings during ST abnormalities, heart rate variations or syncopal episodes exceeding programmable pre-set levels
  • flexible programming with real-time ECG monitoring for better electrode placement
  • patient event markers, automatic cuff size detection, voltage display to verify battery status

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Meditech card(X)plore - combined ECG Holter and ABPM recorder system



card(X)plore is an extremely powerful ambulatory cardiovascular diagnostic device. It records and stores state-of-the-art 3-channel full disclosure ECG data, and performs full ambulatory blood pressure monitoring simultaneously. As an option, it can also record activity and body position signals using a two-axis acceleration sensor. The recorder operates silently and reliably with 4 AA rechargeable batteries. It uses a stamp-sized MMC/SD multimedia card for no-compression storage to ensure perfect signal quality, and avoid data loss due to compression typical of earlier digital ECG recorders. card(X)plore is easily initialized by either inserting a pre-configured memory card, or selecting an internal preset program, or by connecting it to a PC using an optical cable link.

This last option also enables on-line, real-time ECG monitoring to achieve the best electrode placement. The unit performs continuous real-time beat-to-beat ECG analysis as well. Automatic event detection with adjustable preset limits ensures that corresponding blood pressure values are recorded during (silent) ischaemic events, high or low heart rates, and syncopal episodes. Patients can also mark additional, symptomatic events. Optional activity and body position monitoring provides additional data to help fine-tune the analysis. Data recorded with card(X)plore are transferred to a personal computer and processed by CardioVisions, which is a powerful integrated database, display, analysis and report generation software package.




Technical parameters

power supply: 4 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries
BP measurement: oscillometric method, stepwise deflation, piezo-resistive sensor
BP measurement range: blood pressure 30-260 mmHg, pulse rate 40-200 bpm
passive accuracy: +/-3 mmHg or 2 % of measured value
motion logging: 2-axis,+/- 2 g,10 Hz sampling, sensitivity better than 0.01 g

ECG parameters

channels: 3 independent bipolar channels
sampling: 600 Hz
A/D resolution: 12 bit
frequency range: 0.05-125 Hz (-3 dB)
sensitivity: 256 steps per 1 mV
dynamic range: 10 mV p-v
DC offset tolerance: +/-300 mV
input impedance: 100 MOhm
storage frequency: 300 Hz or 150 Hz
storage capacity: 27 hours ECG @ 300 Hz and activity data @ 10 Hz plus 600 BP measurements on a 128 MB SD card
Data transfer: USB optical cable or Bluetooth, MMC/SD card reader is needed for receiving data
dimensions: 124 x 82 x 33.5 mm
weight: 250g (excl. batteries)


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