Mettler Sonicator 930 Plus Combo

Mettler Sonicator 930 Plus Combo

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Ultrasound & Muscle Stimulation Therapy In One System! We'll Beat Any Price In The Country Guaranteed!!

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Mettler Sonicator 930 Plus Combo

Mettler Sonicator 930 Plus Combo is a hot new combo that performs muscle stimulation and therapeutic ultrasound. Mettler Sonicator 930 Plus Combo features a 1-and 3-MHz 5 sq. cm applicator for therapeutic ultrasound, plus the three most popular stim waveforms - Interferential, Premodulated and Medium Frequency (Russian). In one compact package, the Mettler Sonicator 930 Plus Combo gives you:

  • Independent control of up to three treatment protocols
  • Two intensity controls and two intensity displays, enabling the operator to monitor all aspects of a treatment simultaneously
  • An easy-to-use membrane panel designed for quick set-up and simple operation
  • A convenient recessed cradle that holds the ultrasound applicator between treatments GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS:
  • Input: 90-240V AC, 50-60 Hz ETL and C-ETL Listed: Model ME 930 (9801427
  • Weight: 8.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6"H x 12"W x 12"D
  • Warranty: 2 year limited ULTRASOUND SPECIFICATIONS:
  • Effective Radiating Area: 5 sq. cm.
  • Frequency: 1.0 MHz, 3.2MHz
  • Modes: Continuous, Pulsed, 20%
  • Max. Output Power: 11W
  • Waveforms: Interferential, Premodulated, Medium Frequency (Russian)
  • Output: Interferential, 0-65mA RMS, 1 kOhm load; Premodulated, 0-50 mA RMS, 1 kOhm load; Medium Frequency, 0-50 mA RMS, 1 kOhm load
  • Frequency: Interferential, 4000 Hz, 0-250 Hz

Output Options: Continuous, Vector Rotation, Surge, Reciprocation

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