Midmark IQholter

Midmark IQholter

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The IQholter™ recorder is small and lightweight, making it easy and comfortable for your patient to wear. The readable, well-lit display and intuitive keypad make clinician navigation and menu control simple. Other features include:

Lightweight and comfortable, weighs only 2.8 oz

On-screen leads and channel identification for speed and simplicity during patient hookup

Automatic pacemaker detection eliminates setting changes between patients

Automatic startup self-test with warning alarm ensures reliable recording

5-lead hookup for 3-channel recording, 7-lead option available

Removable Secure Digital (SD) Card allows for immediate patient turnaround


Easy-to-use Holter software with fully automated analysis and reporting process, designed for routine monitoring situations in fast-paced offices.


Includes the standard features of IQholter with expanded functionalities for A-Fib, QT/QTc and HRV analysis; Template editing; Smart Page Scan and more.


Includes all features of IQholterEX plus Pacemaker detection of single- and dual-chamber paced beats for non-captures and sensing failures.

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