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Midmark IQspiro

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IQspiro ® Digital Spirometer Midmark IQspiro Catelog
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The Midmark IQspiro™ Digital Spirometry System combines a digital spirometer with innovative software solutions that make it fast and easy to capture, interpret and retrieve patient information. Our digital spirometer also features correct patient positioning that can optimize testing and an eject lever that saves time and alleviates handling of used mouthpieces.

View real-time Flow/Volume Loop and Volume/Time graphs with fully customizable parameters

Pre- and post-bronchodilator testing with automatic interpretation

New eject lever alleviates handling of used mouthpiece

Accurate and precise; meets or exceeds ATS 2005 Standards

Lightweight, portable design weighs only 9 ounces

Correct, ergonomic patient testing orientation

Easy grasp, new T-shaped handle design for patient support and stability during testing

Improved mouthpiece stability and protection with new easy-latch door design

Easy to print full page reports on standard paper. 

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