NCP II Plus ECP Therapy Device from Applied Cardiac Systems

NCP II Plus ECP Therapy Device from Applied Cardiac Systems

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Applied Cardiac Systems, the creator of the "Original ECP Treatment Report," is proud to introduce the latest advance in ECP instrumentation. The NCP-Plus is the newest addition in ACS' trusted line of ECP devices. The NCP-Plus offers a patent- protected software program featuring the first comprehensive ECP treatment report.

The "Original ECP Treatment Report" can be used by physicians and technicians alike to trend patient progress and outcomes. The treatment report displays full disclosure in an optional fifteen or thirty minute format. Users have the ability to monitor, record, and print patient ECG. This comprehensive tool provides verification that therapy has been properly administered.

Physicians can verify patient progress over the course of therapy using various trends. Studying these trends and modifying clinically controlled variables may improve patient outcomes. This is the only treatment report with the ability to trend symptomatic events. The newly added Medication Log also provides a thorough drug and dosage schedule. These elements combined produce a complete treatment report.

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Technological Advances

The Multi-Tasking Unit
The NCP-Plus maintains a user-friendly interface while incorporating new, state-of-the-art technology. Only ACS offers a dual utility, convertible platform. Users now have the ability to launch other clinical applications while providing ECP therapy. This multi-tasking unit saves time and valuable office space.

For facilities with numerous beds, patients are no longer confined to one bed. The central database allows patients to be treated on any unit. Without sacrificing patient safety or care, one technician can now run multiple beds while performing other tasks. This ground breaking feature proves once again why ACS is the trusted leader in ECP instrumentation.

Lending Assistance
ACS continues to equip all ECP beds with remote accessing capabilities.  All you need is an internet connection and you, too, can establish a remote connection.  ACS utilizes web-based technology to lend immediate technical and educational assistance.

The NCP-Plus Treatment Platform

The NCP-Plus features an improved treatment table and console design. The removable cut-out cushion and retractable hoses allows for a quick conversion to a multipurpose exam or echocardiography table. This is a great solution for space conservation and keeps your exam room active if it is not in use for therapy.

The aluminum constructed bed base provides better noise insulation and improved heat control, thus ensuring a comfortable environment for your patients. The NCP-Plus provides an adjustable head-of-bed control. This allows operators to adjust platform levels for patient comfort. This is a significant step for the treatment of Congestive Heart Failure patients or those who have difficulties laying flat.

ACS provides interchangeable cuffs. These durable cuffs are available in four sizes - extra small, small, large, and extra large. This guarantees a custom cuff fit for patients. Optimal cuff size and fit is a key factor in providing effective therapy and improving patient comfort.

A Clean Environment
A newly added paper roll at the head of the bed makes maintenance between patients quick and easy. Keep your instrumentation and the environment clean. Save paper pillowcases or detergent from multiple washes. Utilize the on-board paper roll!

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