NDD EasyOne Pro Lab

NDD EasyOne Pro Lab

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EasyOne Pro LAB is the first lung function instrument to allow Single Breath CO Diffusion (DLCO) as well as Multiple Breath nitrogen washout measurement outside of the lung function laboratory.

NDD EasyOne Pro LAB
Single Breath CO Diffusion, Spirometry and Multiple-Breath Nitrogen Washout for the Measurement of FRC and LCI

Pro Lab Features

With our maintenance free automatic calibration technology, NDD EasyOne Pro LAB offers complete lung function testing, including multiple-breath washout for the Measurement of FRC and LCI

  • Slow and forced spirometry tests
  • Single Breath CO Diffusion (DLCO)
  • Multiple-Breath N2 washout for FRC, RV, TLC, LCI
    and moment ratios
  • Large selection of predicted values
  • No warm-up time
  • Automatic and fast calibration for each test performed
  • Perfect hygiene solution with disposable breathing tube
  • Automated interpretation (ATS/ERS)
  • Portable, self-contained device
  • High-resolution color touch screen
  • Wide range of data export options
  • Interfaces with a wide range of EMRs
  • Automatic back-up on flash card
  • Easy software upgrades
  • Remote support capability
  • Easy raw data export for scientific use
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