Nasiff Associates

Nasiff Associates: History

Established in 1989 to develop the world's first PC ECG/PC EKG, Nasiff Associates, a Medical Technology Company, is committed

to providing Medical PC Solutions to Health Care Professionals by developing Medical Diagnostic and Administrative products, which

integrate into any Personal Computer (PC).

PC Based PC ECG/PC EKG Pioneers Nasiff Timeline History

We are the first company in the world to produce a clinically useful PC-based PC ECG/PC EKG (1989), the first to have a PC-based Stress ECG System (1993), the first to have a notebook (PCMCIA) based ECG System (1993), the first to integrate Resting, Stress and Holter into one system (1996), the first to integrate NIBP and Vitals also (1997).

Our flagship products are the CardioSuite™ consisting of an integrated system with PC ECG/PC EKG, Stress ECG, and Holter ECG and the CardioVitals™ consisting of ECG, NIBP, SpO2 and Temperature.


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