Nellcor NPB-70 Handheld Capnograph

Nellcor NPB-70 Handheld Capnograph

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Discount Cardilology is one of the largest wholesalers of Capnographs. The Nellcor NPB-70 Capnograph is one of the most durable and accurate units on the market. CALL US FOR SPECIAL PRICING 800-507-8244

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Discount Cardiology sells the Nellcor NPB-70 capnographs at the lowest prices. Nellcor Capnographs are among the most reliable and accurate units on the market. A capnograph is defined by Wikipedia as " an instrument used to measure the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in an air sample. It does this by measuring the absorption of infrared light, which is absorbed particularly well by carbon dioxide. Capnographs (or capnometer) are frequently used in medicine for capnography, measuring the carbon dioxide content in inspired and expired air. It is a non-invasive device that measures the concentrations of respired gases using an infrared beam of light. The amount of light absorbed depends on the number of carbon dioxide molecules present in the exhaled and inhaled air. A capnograph is useful in detecting changes in carbon dioxide concentrations in patients who are hemodynamically stable, but not critically ill." Discount Cardiology recommends Nellcor for capnographs. Covidian / Nellcor is the industry leader in capnography and pulse oximetry Contact Discount Cardiology now to discuss you capnography needs. 800-507-8244

Product Features

  • Full-featured capnography previously available only in much larger monitors.
  • Innovative optical bench enhances stable, accurate measurements from a small sample.
  • Low sample flow rate of 50 mL/min allows monitoring on wide patient range without compromising response time.
  • Intubated or nonintubated ETCO2 monitoring for neonatal through adult patients.
  • Capnographic waveforms and trends.
  • Weighs less than two pounds.
  • AC and battery operation.
  • User-adjustable alarms.
  • Four-language menu.
  • Data output/printing.

Indications For Usage

  • For use on neonatal to adult patients
  • Operates in high humidity environments
  • Used in most any clinical setting
  • For use with intubated or nonintubated patients
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Brian Garrison
Sep 9, 2014
Saved me a bundle. Nice CO2 monitor
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