Nellcor OxiMax N-560 Pulse Oximeter

Nellcor OxiMax N-560 Pulse Oximeter

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Nellcor N-560 Pulse Oximeter

The Nellcor OxiMax N-560 pulse oximeter is a compact, affordable monitor compatible with the complete family of innovative OxiMax sensors. Smaller than most standalone oximeters, the OxiMax N-560 pulse oximeter features a simple design that makes it easy to operate. It incorporates Nellcor's latest digital signal processing technology for accurate, reliable readings even during low perfusion, patient motion and other forms of signal interference. The result is more efficient, effective monitoring on a wide range of patients.

LoSat Expanded Accuracy Range
The Nellcor LoSat expanded accuracy feature of OxiMax adhesive sensors assures clinicians of the industry's widest accuracy range (60% to 100% SpO2) when used with the OxiMax N-560 pulse oximeter. This allows improved patient assessment at the more challenging lower saturation levels common in infants with congenital heart disease.

Product Features

Compact size.
Simple, intuitive operation.
Compatible with the complete family of OxiMax pulse oximetry sensors.
Advanced signal processing enhances performance during low perfusion and signal interference, including patient motion.
Equipped with SatSeconds alarm management technology, which offers a safe, practical way to reduce nuisance alarms.
Sensor Event Report feature allows alarm events to be stored in the OxiMax sensor while the OxiMax N-560 pulse oximeter is in use.
Works with Nellcor's Oxinet® central station and paging system and Intouch 2 remote oximetry notification system to provide continuous pulse oximetry monitoring on the general care floor.
24-hour downloadable trend memory.
Variable pitch beep tone enables clinicians to hear point-by-point changes in SpO2.
Display changes from green to red during SpO2 and pulse rate alarms.
Eight-hour battery life.

Indications For Usage

Monitors neonatal through adult patients.
Effective in hospitals, subacute facilities, intrahospital transport and home environments.

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