Nicolet Viking Select EMG Machine

Nicolet Viking Select EMG Machine

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Nicolete Viking Select EMG Machines at the lowest prices!

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Nicolet Viking Select EMG System


The Nicolet VikingSelect allows the user to automate their own common clinical studies and digitally record and replay free-running EMG segments for re-analysis or teaching purposes. The focus is on providing new clinically relevant functions such as Motor Unit Number Estimation & Conduction Velocity Distribution measurements while improving productivity. 


  • Continuous EMG storage and replay
  • On-line signal quality analysis with quality and rate meters
  • User definable displays and workflow
  • On–line and off-line EMG summary and reporting
  • Integrated EMG examinations
    • Spontaneous Activity
    • Single motor unit analysis
    • Maximal Volitional Analysis
    • Quantitative EMG
    • Turns and Amplitude and frequency analysis test
  • Single Fiber EMG Analysis
    • Maximal reanalysis and editing capabilities
    • Various types of analysis are available
      • Volitional SFEMG
      • Stimulated SFEMG
      • Fiber Density
      • 2 channel (4 channel additional $1500)
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