Nihon Kohden ECG-2550 18-Lead EKG Machine
Nihon Kohden

Nihon Kohden ECG-2550 18-Lead EKG Machine

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This ECG machine is years beyond its competitors! Nihon Kohden 2550A EKG / ECG Machine is on Sale at Discount Cardiology. 800-507-8244

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Nihon Kohden ECG-2550 ECG / EKG Machine

Nihon Kohden ECG-2550 is the result of listening to the needs of cardiologists. Efficient examination
is the professional’s strongest need. Nihon Kohden is continuously striving to improve
patient safety, reliability, and effectiveness. We feel this is our greatest responsibility.
The ECG-2550 incorporates many details to improve the routine work of physicians. We
developed the ECG-2550 with features to answer the needs of professionals

Easy lead connection Cord handling has been  
improved. Lead cords and cord clips are designed to
prevent tangling and make it easy to remove paste. If a
lead is damaged, it is easy to replace.

Soothing appearance for the patient An optional connector
cover conceals cords and connectors to provide a
friendlier atmosphere for patients.

Patient-friendly electrodes The electrodes are comfortable on
the skin. They are designed to be painless but secure attachment
and harder to get dirty.

Reliable Nihon Kohden’s high quality waveform analysis technology meets the IEC60601-2-51 international
standard for electrocardiographs. Noise is eliminated with no waveform distortion. Nihon Kohden’s
ECAPS 12C ECG analysis program provides more than 200 findings with detailed analysis.

Synthesized 18 lead ECG* •From just the standard 12 lead, the difficult to obtain
right side chest leads (V3R, V4R, V5R) as well as back leads (V7, V8, V9) can be derived.
•Analysis display makes it easier to show ST change. •ECG-2550 incorporates a new analysis program,
ECAPS 18. The extra leads aid in detection of ECG changes of ischemia which are difficult to detect
with standard ECG.

Large memory The most recent 10 minutes of all lead ECG waveforms can be stored in the internal memory.
The large capacity memory ensures that necessary information need not be lost. It also makes the ECG-
2550 more convenient to use

ECG Input
Frequency response
Common mode rejection ratio
Waveform Data Processor
Measurement mode
Time constant
Sensitivity precision
External input
Signal output
0.05 to 150 Hz, (–3 dB)
110 dB or more
Standard 12 lead, 15 lead or XYZ lead
3.2 s or more
10 mm/mV ±5%
2 channel, 10 mm/0.5 V
1 channel, 0.5 V/1 mV
Color LCD (touch panel, TFT)
Number of dots
Recording method
Paper speed
Recording paper
15 inch
1024 × 768
Thermal head
0.5 mm or less
5, 10, 12.5, 25, 50 mm/s
210 or 216 mm width, 30 m long Z-fold or roll type
210 or 216 mm width, 100 or 300 m long Z-fold or
roll type, outside the instrument

Swivel screen
The swivel screen can be
adjusted so the caregiver
can see it while attaching
the electrodes or talking
with the patient during
measurement to help the
patient relax.
For one-click operation, four function keys can be set
to commonly used functions.
Flexible input box
•Individual lead cords can be exchanged. Difficult length
cords can be used to suit the exam environment.
•The input box has 15
lead connectors. 15 lead
examination is available
with optional electrode
lead wires.
•The input box has a
start/stop switch so the
caregiver can also operate
it from near the patient.
•Battery pack, SB-201D X078
•Cart, KD-106D/E
•Patient cable hanger, KH-210D
•Paper tray, DI-011D
•Magnetic card reader holder,
•Middle shelf, DI-013D
•Drawer, DI-014D
•Tray set, DI-015D
•Roll paper holder (60 m), DI-016D
•Paper spindle, YZ-048H6
•Electrode lead, BR-201D
•Fastclip (clip-on electrode),
•SD memory card, QM-001D Y154D
•Wireless LAN converter, SX-2500CG
•Magnetic card reader,
•Bar cord scanner, LS2208-SR20001R
Type of protection
against electric shock
Degree of protection
against electric shock
Power requirements
Built-in battery
Dimensions and weight
(AC Powered)
Internally powered EQUIPMENT
(Battery Powered)
Defibrillator proof type CF applied part
AC 100 V to 240 V (50, 60 Hz), 220 VA
Battery operation: more than 30 minutes
400 W × 453 H × 440 D mm
(excluding protrusions)
11 kg
(including battery, excluding other options)
Tabletop design
The tabletop design is not only space-saving but
you can also write the recording paper with the
electrocardiograph as
a writing surface.

Nihon Kohden 1550a ecg / ekg paper

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