Nonin Lifesense Capnograph-Pulse Oximeter

Nonin Lifesense Capnograph-Pulse Oximeter

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Fast and Easy EtCO2 and SpO2 Monitoring

Nonin Medical's LifeSense WIDESCREEN touch-panel display monitor offers proven PureSAT® SpO2 and Nonin sidestream EtCO2 technologies for a wide range of clinical settings for both intubated and non-intubated patients. Portable, accurate and cost-effective, LifeSense is perfect for monitoring in and outside the hospital setting. Choose from a full line of LifeSense-compatible Nonin PureLight® reusable and disposable pulse oximetry sensors for infants to adults.

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Product Highlights:

  • Meets rigorous ISO requirements for EMS transport
  • WIDESCREEN touch-panel backlit LCD display
  • Nonin PureSAT SpO2 technology
  • Nonin sidestream EtCO2 technology
  • Numerical pulse rate and respiratory rate display
  • Numerical EtCO2 and SpO2 display
  • Four-hour trending of pulse rate, SpO2, respiration rate and EtCO2
  • Capnograph and plethysmograph display
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Data output via RS-232 port
  • Full line of infant to adult SpO2 sensors (reusable and disposable)
  • Full range of infant to adult sampling lines
  • Carrying bag
  • Adjustable mounting clamp
  • TrendSense memory module, download cable and software
  • Sens DAC Digital to analog converter cables for pulse and capnography

Compatible Accessories (Sold Separately)

§         Sens PMC - Adjustable pole mounting clamp

§         Sens-0-Cal - Calibration Kit

§         Sal CO2 Line - CO2 Sample Line, Package of 25

§         Sal CO2 Adults - CO2 Sampling Nasal Cannulas - Adult, Single Use, Disposable - 25 pack

§         Sal CO2 Infants - CO2 Sampling Nasal Cannulas - Infant, Single Use, Disposable - 25 pack

§         Sal CO2 Peds - CO2 Sampling Nasal Cannulas - Pediatric

§         Sal Dual Adults - CO2/O2 Nasal Cannula - Adult, Single Use, Disposable - 25 pack

§         Sal Dual Infants - CO2/O2 Nasal Cannula - Infant Single Use, Disposable - 25 pack

§         Sal Dual Peds - CO2/O2 Nasal Cannula - Pediatric, Single Use, Dispoable - 25 pack

§         Sens DAC 1 - Digital-to-Analog Converter 1V - Digital Value

§         Sens DAC 1V CAPNO - Digital-to-Analog Converter 1V - Waveform

§         Sens DAC 5 - Digital-to-Analog Converter 5V - Digital Value

§         Sens DAC 5V CAPNO - Digital-to-Analog Converter 5V - Waveform

§         Sens Valve - Gas Regulator Valve

§         Sens TF1-10 - Moisture trap plus 3 filters, Package of 10

§         Sens Mount - Monitor Mounting Bracket (for Sens PMC)

§         Sens Nafion - Premapure Nafion Tubing - 12 inches, Package of 10

§         Sal T-Con - Straight T-connector, Package of 50

§         Sens TS - TrendSense™

§         Sens Cal Gas - Verification Gas 38mmHG, 5% Vol, 5.3 kPa

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