Omnisense 8000S Bone Sonometer
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Omnisense 8000S Bone Sonometer

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Omnisense 8000S
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Sunlight Omnisense™ 8000

The portable Sunlight Omnisense 8000 Quantitative Ultrasound is a portable Bone Sonometer that enables physicians to provide early assessment, and monitoring of osteoporosis in any patient, with ultimate ease and convenience. Offering radiation-free bone density measurement, the Omnisense 8000 is highly reliable, accurate, non-invasive and safe for patients and clinicians.

The Omnisense 8000 is part of the Sunlight family of Omnipath™-based solutions. Proven in thousands of installations worldwide, Omnisense systems are the first – and currently only – multi-site* ultrasound devices available today that allow first-line early assessment, diagnosis and monitoring of osteoporosis.

Bone Density Assessment for Any Patient, Anywhere

Omnisense 8000 is ideal for managing and monitoring osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment for any patient. As a portable, standalone device, it can easily be used by physicians who work in multiple locations and by medical centers with mobility needs, walk-in clinics and pharmacies. It uses different software modules and four ethnical clinical reference databases, making it suitable for patients aged 0-99 years, including neonates.

The Omnisense 8000 Advantage

  • Compact and Portable
    • Standalone system
    • Portable, lightweight and easy to carry
  • Proven safety
    • Radiation-free
    • Non-invasive
  • High accuracy
    • Precise measurements – a unique multi-site measurement option*
    • Utilizes market-proven Omnipath technology
    • 4 ethnical reference databases for males, females and children (optional)
  • Fast Results
    • WHO-compliant T-score and Z-score results
    • Easy to understand, graphical measurement report created within minutes
  • Easy to learn and use
    • Includes complete training support with a practice mode and training video.
    • Built-in patient data management
    • Printed report includes patient details and measurement history
    • Patient-friendly
  • Affordable
    • Low system cost
    • No disposables
  • Compact, standalone device
    • Smaller than an average desktop computer

Omnisense 8000S

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